Combing her long, luxuriant mane – and more!

Combing her long, luxuriant mane – and more!

And such a pleasure it is, Ma’am!

Especially Indian girls, they tend to have such LONG lovely hair, often curly, often wavy, but thick, requiring lots of “champi” (massage, if I got it right) on the head, lots of “press her head with oil” – and lots of care, lots of combing!

Some of my happiest and loveliest moments with Ms Priyanka –

Usually on my knees massaging her soles, as she relaxed, rested, chatted, whatever Madam wanted…

Tending to her every need.

Nose deep in her lovely asshole in the mornings – tongue deep actually, and especially CLEANING it after she went!

But I dont know if I mentioned this in the book, probably not – – but she had long hair, and standing behind her, combing it SO!

I used to comb her hair for hours.

Remember, she loved her long hair unlike a lot of Indian women who prefer “shorter hair like Korean girls” or so forth – while that is perfectly fine, to me natural is always best, what is natural for Koreans isn’t for Indians, and vice versa…

So I’d oil it, I’d stand there combing it, remember, long hair needs a lot of care, and Madam didnt want to do it herself, of course.

For me, it was such a sissy job – such a pleasure too – such sissy JOY TOO!

My Mistress, Madam, I remembered Jyoti Ma’am YET again – as I saw a lady with lovely long hair walk past, trousers, all not visible except hair until her hamstrings – and lovely FEET in sandals (slight high heel!).

Yes, carol. “I look at the girl very well!”


She deserves it, so do I, and I’ve always been observant.

Anyway, real crux of this, and why I say this to YOU?Ā 

I used to often stand there with her make up kit – she made me stand PERFECTLY MOTIONLESS like a real slave, if you think thats easy, try doing that – completely still for more than half an hour at a stretch as she relaxes, tries on makeup!Ā 

Thats an actual case with a servant in India, not good reallly, too much abuse, but for me?

I so deserved it.

aNd it was so nice doing it for Madam, but …

What I really wanted to mention, along with Garima Ma’am, another one of Priyanka’s supreme talents NOT mentioned in the book?


My, I still remember that ring finger smacking me in the balls as I stood there, I came crashing down, make up all around me, and she giggled, and kicked me in the bollocks once again as Katherine looked on!

“Those balls deserve nothing better, boy!”

And they don’t!!!!

And being this was the FIRST TIME that I was anally invaded by two GIANT cocks, well … (that story is there in the book) …

I felt it and then some.

Indian ladies are so nice, so talented!

And to learn how my balls were busted, and how your madam can bust YOURS too – well, pick up BallBusting 101 – NOW.

and thats that.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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