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Poojas legs are hurting, Bhagwatis legs hurt ..

Synchronicities galore. Twos. Right from the moment I woke up thinking about the older lady (dhoban) and her magnificently SUPER SUPERIOR daughter. They’re both my superiors of course. They all are. 2 x 2, right down to the two old fat ladies (Queens) watching me smoke outside.

We’ve spoken about Pooja and her cuck husband who calls other ladies  Memsahib by default!

And i remember when Bhagwati Ma’am was on holiday and her “leg was hurting” and the SO complaining, and I was like – poor lady.

And SO cattily got back with “your leg hurts, boy!”

My third one sure always does. Hehe. Either from denial or those strong Indian palms, calloused yet so nice gripping it!

That lovely dark finger creeping up my nipples, the dark SKIN. My! That INQUISITIVE look as Bhagwati learns, does something she was ALWAYS a natural at. Madam just didn’t know it!

“Zor se! Period me dard hai”

Moaned the lady in the Pakistani femdom – I hate calling that femdom because it’s real life! – video on the other site.

“Zor se! Khati itna hai!” Taunts ma ji as the younger girl kneels, presses her feet ..

Harder! You eat so much!

Harder! My legs hurt! (From doing nothing as it should be x).

Acha acha, sir mat kha. Per daba!

Stop irritating me, press my feet!

My, ladies from the subcontinent are just so nice! And their legs always hurt, do it should be!

The more dominant she is the more ut happens.

And i so love it.

I’ve written tomes on both sites about everything, every statement above. Y’all know it! Search, yer shall find …

And do your bit for Indian femdom by investing in some world class products here or on the other site.

Paye lagu, Memsahib..ji!

You’re so nice!!!!



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Mike Watson

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