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The swell of Pooja Memsahib … JI!s lovely pristine fat breasts, her rolls of fat, so enticing, that LOWER portion of the breast showing… the PURPLE SARI!

Paula Banda Rendon wrote in a (one of her) great reviews for the book “Serving an Indian Goddess” that men from the subcontinent find the sari very attractive, and often times pictures are taken of a woman from the side “showing the side of her breast” – and the hips – and more!

(and the stomach)

She quoted a study which said that, actually, nothing if not a thinking woman is Paula!

One that knows what being on both ends means.

Anyway – I saw Pooja Ma’am again!

Purple sari, I was trying to – so hard !! – keep my gaze fixated on her feet, as I do in public even, even though her cuckolded husband was right there (whether or not he is never matters, Ma’am is always in charge, she shows it publicly too).

I remember my S.O. once cattily saying “he presses her legs at night and cooks while she rests – and makes the money!”

That was so nice to hear, for me, someone who does these things all the time!

In the book, you’ll read more about my servitude to her, that lovely harsh GRAVELLY VOICE, one perfect indicator of how dominating she is ?

A guy came by, wanted X Rupees worth of vegetables.

And she, as is her wont, stared him down, husband looked away.

“Then take out X amount of Rs first!”

True old school India – so – MANLY! I thought … trying not to look at the bottom of her lovely breasts visible in the sari, somehow , I know she leaves it way for a reason, looking at her sides, her lovely brown stomach (light brown) …


Mam, you’re so NICE!

Reminds me of old school liqor shops in India (I do NOT like ’em, but thats how it is there even till this day) where you show up at a prison like cell, hand over the dough first, and THEN they hand you the grog “through the iron bars”.


India is one of a kind, right down to the “English wine and beer shops”, some colonial hangovers NEVER go away!

Although Prince Charles himself would be kissing Pooja Ma’am’s ass, I’m sure. Hehe. She’s true ROYALTY!


But that comment itself typifies her rude, dominating, arrogant attitude even to her customers

(while other vegetable sellers coddle up to their customers, she’s bratty to them. Truly natural, and it WORKS! Men FLOCK around her, she loves it, sitting there with her SOLE showing, MUAH, Madam, you’re SO NICE! I wish I could kiss your whole body – the imperfections SO PERFECT – NOW!!!!!!!!!!)

And it’s so nice to see older women in India being THAT WAY, its LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!

Pooja Memsahib … JI!, of course is one of a kind, as Paula Banda Rendon mentioned in her review here …

But yesterday I was in a park where I wrote about these ladies before  (that isn’t the link. I’ll post the link again here soon!)

Youll see it in an email most likely.

But I was missing seeing them, and today, here I am – thats the first thing I saw as I stepped out this afternoon (no pun intended).

I’m so lucky!

So will YOU be if you follow Mike Watson, serving these dominating arrogant, RUDE AND BRATTY women – there is nothing that compares, nothng at all, nothing should either!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – Scintillating hot stories of Indian femdom that will make you submissives literally CUM – in your PANTS – right HERE!

PS #1 – Random comments from Medium, long banned – – but anything I post as an ode to Indian ladies must not go “waste!” – unlike my SEEd, hehe.

Seeing an Indian maid ij the park, she’s tired, exhausted (from serving even massaging Uber BRATTY! – and this Is real, true! Poor lady, she is self massaging her own shins, self consciously. I’d so want – beg to do it for Madam, older lady, around 54… 

She’s so nice, so are her bratty and fat employers . Women such Queens, Madam, you’re SO SO nice!

Canonical link –

And …

So nice to see how Maam talks about her employers “moti ke ghar se aayi”.

Madam is right, she should never be a maid for fat brats, but they should also be worshipped too! Women are all so nice…

(moti – – fat, hhe)

Canonical link from Medium –

There’s more – stay tuned!

I can just see Pooja Ma’am, in chair, ONE leg up, ARROGANT, the SARI on full display, the FAT STOMACH SPILLING OVER, CROOKING A FOREFINGER AT ME!

“Here, BOY!” or, “Money first!”


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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