Indian Femdom

Indian Goddess basking in the sun, ONE sole visible, the red nail(paint) on the other too!

I was filming a brief video on pull-ups, I believe, but it was hard not to switch my gaze away to what really caught my attention as it always does!

An Indian lady, not quite a maid, but from that “class” (if you’ve ever been to India, you know what I mean by that word) came in, sat down.

Back to me.

Her long luxuriant hair …

Those locks faced me as Madam sunned herself, one foot on the bench, the other tucked under her, and I saw Madam’s broad sole.


All throughout the workout, I just wanted to drop it all, go kneel and massage that one sole while she BASKED comfortably in the sun!

I caught a glimpse of the other foot. Proudly out, all toes painted red, Madam’s skin was dark black – or something very dark, so NICE!

I kept staring at her, fortunately she didnt turn around. Hehe.

But one look, and I’d probably be kissing those soles there. Heh.

You know me!

Then two other ladies came, they struck up a conversation with the first, got comfortable, and all around me, I saw ladies putting their lovely brown feet up!

Including a tired maid extending her lovely light brown foot out on a bench.

Complaining on the phone!

And that did it, I had to write to you about it, or I’d be groveling before her, wanting to give her foot massages!

Giving ladies massages is so nice, the best, especially downtrodden ladies in India and China as I wrote about before, but all ladies!

And that, my friend, was the afternoon – one of the best ever obviously.

More later.

Oh, if you haven’t yet grabbed some of our books on Indian femdom, what the heck are you waiting for “son”?

Do so – NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – her soles were SO broad. muah! xx Each inch begging to be worshipped …

I SO wanted to press it, while the other rested, then do the other two, except from the foot around, not the sole around, as she relaxed, BASKING like a cat, ignoring me, as it should be. What Queens women are! Paye Lagu, Madam .. JI! You make it SO WORTH IT!

And dont you just love how Indian ladies call it “nail paint” and not nail polish. Hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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