My very first interaction with the venerable Pooja Memsahib … JI!

My very first interaction with the venerable Pooja Memsahib…

In Pooja Memsahib … JI! I mention the first encounter that I had with her at home – which is every bit as “dominating” and bratty as you’d expect, and thats outlined very well in the book!

But what I didn’t mention, or what I mentioned in passing?

Is BEFORE that.

How I got to KNOW this lady beyond the yelling she does to sell her vegetables all day long.

Come rain, some shine, she is THERE – yelling at customers, literally FORCING them in many ways, hehe – to buy things from her – and more!

I was initially reticent to buy from her – but of course, talking to her, kissing those feet – I was never reticent for that!

But it all happened – oh, and the reason for the reticence was none other than feedback I got on her prior to that – from other women which I foolishly believed – or maybe NOT foolishly. It works both ways, once she got a HOLD to me, well, the book is proof of what happened!

But either way .. as those canny cunning eyes BORE through my sunglasses – the feedback I got for her “she’s too aggressive”! “she forces me to sell”.

But the first time was when I needed something in an emergency, tomatoes I believe, and I bought those from her – she even discounted the rate for me, and I double checked what she gave me in terms of weight based upon feedback I had gotten before – and oddly enough, it was MORE than what I paid for.

Pair this with the fact a lot of people I knew spoke to her, bought from her, the feedback I got – well, it reminded me of why “women are often each other’s worst enemies“, as a certain Rachna Ma’am loves to say!

She isn’t all that bad, I thought, then I thought no more of it.

She pushed me to buy more over the next few days, I did not.

Then I bought a few days later.

While buying, her eyes were literally BORING through my sunglasses as I asked her – or as I stood there THINKING about what to buy, and she kept instructing me on what to!

Femdom wise, that is great …

Non femdom wise though that was “real life” – and I told her I was as much of a sales person as she was a sales lady and let me THINK.

“If you let me think, I’ll buy MORE from you”, I grinned. And so it was, I rejected a lot of what she was selling me, but bought a lot of other things she didnt think of!

Thats how it works, and as those canny eyes kept BORING INTO ME – – her “husband” standing next to her was pushing her and telling her “let him think, shut up”, hehe.

She wouldn’t, of course.

But the overriding feeling I got – after she asked me questions about my life, etc?

She’s not all that bad … with other men, or men she KNOWS are submissive. Hehe.

And what happened later, well, all a true story but today I thought I’d share a bit of a prologue that is NOT there in the book – but (in expanded version) I will put it in “Pooja Memsahib … JI!” Volume Three!

She’s so nice … and so CANNY!

The combo is what makes it SO WORTH IT, even as she told me “carrots” are good for your health!

Lots of other things are too, Ma’am. I saw it in your waste every morning!

Lovely, dominating.

What more could you ask for, and a quick brain, perhaps not as quick as mine, but it doesnt need to be, she is Pooja Memsahib… JI! And thats all that matters.

Volume Three is in the works, for now, get the two books in the series already.

After that, we’ll put it in compilation format as well for more choices for you.

Get it NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – She even peeled the peas for me before giving them to me, if there is ONE person that knows how to convert “reticent” customers it is Madam. Hehe.

PS #2  – And I almost forgot to say!

As I was eating those peas, NO pun, hehe – I remembered her, I’ve been thinking of Memsahib JI! all evening!

Those EYES!

Round, cunning, SLY, vicious, loving – a combo of all this – true femdom!

anyway, even her chilis taste extra spicy, hehe. For the true femdom lover they do (and judging by the hordes of men flocking around Madam Ji – many do!).

Oh, what I wanted to tell ya – she asked me where I work, that was covered above, but she guessed “at the parlor”.

So apt, it even took me by the SCRUFF – and remember, this was before anything happened, before the events in the book transpired!!!!


“Madam, ediyan Ghis Du”? 

“Madam Ji per daba du?”

“Memsahib, Charan ghis Du?” 

“Malik, talwe ghis du?” 

SO MANY different ways!

To say – well, or to beg her to scrub her soles, arches, and of course, the famous “press her feet”!

Madam, can I press your feet?

And she KNOWS – she always did!

Get the book now, Volume Three is not only in the works, but its been written as we speak, we might even, as we might for “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” (and if you needed any more proof they work, here it is!) – do a compilation on her…!

Oh, and my reply was along the lines of parlor? No, I have long hair, but I’m not a GIRL!

Or am I …


I’m a pretty one a lot of men say!

And a lot of women – very handsome!

So GLAD TO SWING both ways. So it should be, sissy! (and remember, Sissy Central is indeed one of our most popular ever, and if you ever needed more proof that what Mike Watson says WORKS – I know you dont but IF YOU DID – here is more in this post! Hehe).

Write back with reviews too, remember, all genuine reviews get an automatic 10% off their next purchase.

Thats it.


Long one! No pun. I was thinking I should create this as a seperate email, then I thought “nah lets just edit this one, short update” but nothing is short with the venerable Pooja Memsahib … JI!

And, predictions as always, little did I know I would be eventually paying to send Madam to parlors, or doing her feet myself, so lucky!

So can YOU be (lucky) if you do what I tell you, get the courses above now, and start attracting femdom into your life like NEVER before.

And yes, if you can spot it, I called her Master too. Hehe. She so deserves it!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!
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