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This morning, I Was talking to Madam Cynthia, whose done an absolutely perfectly ROUNDLY again superlative – I’m running out of adjectives to describe her work! – job narrating Sissygasm Central. 

Now, I was asking her (she has background in Theater etc) – about promoting this to her contacts etc, but in her own words “sorry, I dont want people knowing about it – they’re mostly Christain and family” …

… she then ended with asking me to of course keep promoting on my twitter etc with the comment (and her Amazon reviews back this up) “they’re really good books!” (and spread the word about your new narrator!).

(btw, folks – those buying off our sites – there is a LINK in each download email which says “leave review!”.

USE IT. Hehe. Extra 10% off your next purchase just for doing so, my friend – so why wouldn’t you? 😁)

Which I will, of course.

Now, a couple of things – I’ve often spoke about the ex who kept asking me “honey why do you want me to be a BITCH TO YOU”. Hehe.

She kept saying she was “Christain” too … And hey, I get it!

You dont necessarily want to share all of what we do to your social media, contacts etc – or do you? 😉 I dont know, me, and Cynthia calls me a he man (I say she, lol) for doing 600 and upwads pushups a day – if you looked at my other self, you wouldn’t believe Mike Watson did what he does HER.(E).

Yin and yang, we all have it. The more yin that there is, the more yang there is, and believe me, we all have those hidden desires that dont go away – 

Anyway – I get it with Madam, and she’s resting, and will “talk soon … boy!”


I love Cynthia – and her work too!

From morphing from “someone for who the sex ship done sailed a long time ago” to someone who got turned ON reading the books and realizing it probably ain’t left port as yet – hehe – neither SHOULD IT – to becoming “Madam Cynthia” on the fly from Cynthia … hehe. Quite a journey, and she’s just getting started.

Look for her FEET on the cover of “Her Brown Slut” – she is PERFECT to essay – or narrate – the role of Angela!

On that note, lots of folks have said my books will make great scripts etc, and I’ve had people ask me if I want to “sell” my scripts to agents etc.

Well, not a goal for now, although a one of a kind Hollywood blockbuster would be nice, who am I to DENY that. Hehe.

I only deny my own orgasms which brings me riches beyond my wildest dreams and beliefs, no, I’m not talking just money either.

So I had asked Cynthia, but hey – I get it.

But anyway – remember one thing (yes, I know, what does this have to do with strong women and bulk eh – we’ll get there!) – you can only truly succeed by UPLIFTING and taking others WITH you on your journey to success.

Laboring as a lone wolf is great, but that isn’t the real ticket.

Hence, we work with so many people, platforms etc, anyway on that note, a female strength trainee and bodybuilding sort who I won’t name here has a program on Twitter going “she bulk”.

And she is definitely promoting that in a vanilla sense.

She looks to be from the subcontinent, and every time I see her, I think Goddess – and massages.

And this morning, I sent her a note about “The She Hulk with the Incredible Bulk. use that, Madam!”

Of course, I had to ask her to hire a good massuesse too. Hehe. Those strong muscles need lots of oil massages! 😉

Hey, strong women those broad arms, shoulders – I love it!

And lots of guys do as well …

And that, my friend, is that for the day.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

Ps – No, not revealing her name here, I doubt she’d want it to be! Then again, yin and yang … 😉😁😁

PS #2 – Do check out our Audiobook section here. Continuously growing, no pun! 🙂

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Mike Watson

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