Indian Femdom

Madam … JI!’s soles were shaped SO NICELY! muah xx šŸ˜˜šŸ’•

Feet, of course, are always the order of the day for yours truly – the bottom, of course!

And while feet were all around me today, so many lovely Indian ladies all showing their feet off it seemed like, one thought kept passing through my mind as I saw each one of them.

‘Paye Lagu, Madam, Ji!” I kept thinking.

I’d have given them each a foot rub and washed their feet while they enjoyed it, and left – just because…. well, if you’re a TRUE femdom lover, you know!

But sitting in that park, doing my favorite Sissy Workout (I’ll let you guess which one it is) – in the distance, a “bigger” Indian lady with the loveliest soles ever – shaped SO uniquely, even from a distance, playing ball with her kid while sitting cross legged.

I sent submissive vibes over to her from almost 300 yards away.

I know Madam got them!

And out there in the sun, there’s nothing better I’d like or want to do than to just silently take her soles in my hand, and start pressing them!

Such nice fair skin, older lady – and behind her, another older lady even older – I’d so want to take her socks off and RUB the soles, wash her feet too!

But lady numero uno, again, not conventionally gorgeous, but who cares about convention.

Serving a woman, watching her be pampered,served, is SO NICE!

And doing it for her is the ultimate honor, massaging her tired grimy sweaty or just “normal” soles. while she relaxes, enjoys life like the Queen she is.

That is the REAL spirit of femdom, when you are really into it, when you really start manifesting it everywhere, you will KNOW, learn and understand.

As an aside, another lady posted a bit on Youtube about men who dont have sex having smaller you know whats naturally over time.


“Ma’am, if only I was doing the erotica business right now”, I simpered. Hehe.

(I was creating other videos, not this biz).

But I posted the comment anyway.

And she’s right in a way if locked up, NOT allowed to expand, perhaps it WOULD Shrink over time.

It’s a muscle after all, the less you use it … !

But chastity in general is SO nice!

I’ve been chaste for so long I cannot even remember the last time I leaked, let alone had ANY sort of orgasm, I’ve even stopped leaking now.

But that doesnt mean the penis has grown smaller. Hehe.

“Pang ren qiu dian”, that old Chinese saying which means “fat man have small penis”.

The more you workout, the HORNIER you are, not only can you transmute better, but you can also BENEFIT a hell of a lot more in all regards – including blood flow down there!

Anyway, I dont want sex from Madam. She knows that.

All I want is to touch her feet respectfully and give them the treatment they – and she deserves.

Sitting there, soles saying hi to me from a distance.


Madam, Paye lagu. You are TRULY SO NICE!! (Feet, well, I Can imagine her sayin “big feet”! And they were, but so broad and nice and cute too – Ma’am, THANK YOU! Muah).


Mike Watson

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And thats that!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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