Indian Femdom

The imprint of the maids lovely, sweat ridden, GRIME ridden holy SOLES – on her WHITE slippers!

I just saw them!

Her lovely white slippers, the maid that works in a house above mine, and the slippers – the IMPRINT of her feet – FIRMLY on them!

Even the “lines” on the toes were visible, my – I shook with devotion and lust as I passed by. I wanted to take a picture, I so did!

But, she might have giggled if I did. Which isn’t a bad thing, is it?

This maid wore – or wears RED shoes normally, I thought – like the maid I keep seeing sitting at the park, their feet are exactly same, LONG, beautiful, toes ALWAYS painted red, both are very dominating too!

You can tell by the way she STAMPS her feet, my SO once knowingly said.


I can tell by the look in her EYES!

Tired, creased eyes, yet, the SPARKLE in them when she sees me. Madam truly – KNOWS!

A real man once made the comment about “men who wear flip flops are not situationally aware and not real men”.

I don’t know about that.

But yours truly wears them a lot! Hehe. All the time, almost, but he’s right in a way, I wore them – or used to – Chinese style, when hiking, and they broke once – and Carol, who was with me at the time was so upset “How do I leave you here like this!”

Well, I’d have walked home barefoot I guess. Hehe.

But – slippers!

Could be Miss Summer’s pink slippers, Rachna Ma’am’s slippers.

Could be … Ms Priyanka’s slippers I so LOVED, cherished, worshipped, used to put on my pillow every night after the unfortunate seperation at the end of book #3 in the series.

Good things NEVER last – or do they?

Yes they do – the Sequels are yet more proof of the magical, wondrous ways in which the subconscious mind works to attract right, and PERMANENTLY – if you let it do its thang!

And the tips in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from Mainland China” will NAIL it – pun not intended, and intended, hehe.

And right now, I’d take this lovely maid’s white slippers to bed, and sleep with them on my pillow, kissing the soles, breathing in the smell, putting her feet on my lap to press them, asking her to call me “Tu” (rude in the local language), and just serve her in general – kiss her deeply – while SHE ENJOYS!

she is SO NICE, so dominating, so …flirtatious, so DESERVES IT!!

Paye lagu, Madam ji, thank you for being in my life, briefly albeit – and for allowing me a glimpse at those lovely slippers, and the FOOT IMPRINTS!

I KNEW there was a reason I saw foot imprints from my own shoes yesterday after the shit stuck to the sole FINALLY came off – on its own, almost, after I wrote about how I took it off Ms’s shoe soles all the time!

The wondrous ways of the subconscious mind, I cannot speak highly about it – enough!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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