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Because you INSPIRE me to LOVE you …

This morning, I wrestled with tech issues for a while.

Made some progress, then sat down to check email – and – well, this was one of the first emails I sent – –

THANK YOU SO MUCH again, Paula!! 

You truly “outdo” yourself with each of these review – inspiring him to love her (and serve her). SO TRUE!!!!!!!!

And, the way you added in the part about Mike Watson’s battering ram – very creative indeed! As well as loving the two dirtiest parts of her body…

It’s lovely – keep going Paula! (and thank you again for the vote of confidence at the end of your review – it’s warranted yes, but much appreciated as well!)


Mike Watson


Paula truly OUTDOES herself with each review she submits, this time, she did up a special for the two sequels to Serving an Indian Goddess– which take everything to a NEW level altogether as it should be – with an open – pun intended – ending!

Who knows where Mike Watson will go from here – the sky, at her feet – is the limit! (or, maybe no limits!)

I’d prefer to say NO LIMITS to where my servitude will take me – for her!

On that note – YES!

Madam is so right (Madam Paula). That sole, that foot, the way she TALKS down to you – all of it, as I’ve written before – SO INSPIRING, it would wake me up from the dead as it were just to think about it!

Ditto for COCK and penis.

If I think of Madam’s soles – or MAster Wangs lovely penis – I just shake off ANY AND ALL lethargy, and get GOING!

That is true love, true inspiration, true devotion, comes from the WITHIN!

Only true femdom lovers will get it …

Anyway – the following screenshots, and then the video say it better than I ever could –

Video link – –

Review from Paula- Serving an Indian Goddess – the TWO sequels – YouTube

And – all of this is SO PERFECT!

As for Mike Watson’s battering ram, lots has been written about it before!

And it’s all very well warranted!

As for the GREEDINESS FROM THE DEVIL – which she knew – I know it too!

YOU KNOW IT TOO – confronted by COCK – and soles!


And you go to TOWN!

Trust me, like Paula says at the end of her review, if you’re looking for some solid erotic literature that will leave you VERY SATISFIED, then you need these books – NOW.

Serving an Indian Goddess. 

Serving an Indian Goddess – the SEQUELS. 

Get these NOW, my friend – along with that, Penis Central and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots (or the Penis Compilation) will leave you in such a FRENZY AND STATE OF LUST you will not be able to think straight for weeks once you get these books.

Which is good – a good thing, since you’ll attract the same to you!

I’ll finish off with some more sage words –

Come, let me see, let me know you, let me aspire to POSESS YOU (devil!) have you to myself!

So true, Madam – the POSSESSION, she wants him to herself, so does HE (in most ways!). Thats what people dont get, even a cuckold wants her for HIM and him only!

The two parts of your body that do the dirtiest things are the two I love the most.

And so it should be, TRUE DEVOTION! Putting her – or him – on a pedestal as they deserve to be!!!

A man loves a woman and kisses her, from that kiss, the world is born.

Imagination is to sex – what the wind is to the SAX!

Imagination rules ALL. Put logic up againt imagination, the former will ALWAYS lose. What the mind of man can concieve and believe, it can ACHIEVE. Femdom is no exception to that universal RULE, it comes from RED HOT BURNING FLAMES OF DESIRE that often dont even need to be fanned to keep going!

Yes, that first kiss, look, glance is where it ALL STARTS provided we take ACTION which true doers always will. 

Like cities at war, all women have a helpless target. When discovered, the plaza immediately surrenders.


Kiss me, touch me – make me yours -lets be ONE!

… and INDEED! That last line could be straight out of a steamy Bollywood song! Paula – you’re an artist too!

And of course this –

She bent over from head to toe, placing her most nameless part in his mouth and nose, bringing his young battering ram to her lips. 

Mike Watson was as hard as roll of very good meat.

Still, she sucked on him with a greediness that could only come from the devil – who she knew!

The more I see and read all this, the more I want to kiss Paula’s feet, and if she had a dick, I’d suck it forever too!

It’s not about the sex, the gender, the organs.

It’s about DEVOTION – pure, utter CRAVEN LUST AND SUBMISSION – CRAVEN – can only come from the inside.

And those of you that have it?


I’m shivering not with cold, but utter lust as I write this. A cold breeze is blowing yes, but I feel more in lust and EXCITED than cold!

Get the above books now – the best Christmas present ever, links are above.

Leave a review – an honest one -and we’ll HOOK YOU UP with an additional 10% discount off your next purchase as well! (which you will want, as there are so many great products we have!).

Truly, from the business I never knew would take off like it has, that supports so many others – it’s part of me.

IT’s part of you.

And these books deserve to be part of your mantelpiece, now and forever.

Get ’em.



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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