Indian Femdom

The foul language those Indian ladies were using turned me on SO!

Madam Ji, Paye Lagu … Memsahib .. JI!

I have say it first, and I can almost feel the sneers, the SCATHING looks of disdain and SCORN from the working class ladies – the prostitutes I’m referring to her!

I watched a movie last night about India – the much maligned and ill fated lockdown of the entire country in 2020 with very little planning that should never have happened (I’ve never understood the logic behind locking entire countries down, killing economies and so forth – wouldn’t THAT harm more people long term? Maybe that was the goal! Ugh) …

Like the lovely maid in the movie whose feet were SO nice (she was buying slippers, then the slippers hurt her feet, and … an old randy fart bent to help her … anyway, thats the movie, but back to my post) … said to her employer when maids were not allowed either during the lockdown.

“Poor people will die of hunger first”.

And she was right. Common sense.

The movie covers India’s lockdown and its impact on all sectors of society.

A high flying female pilot and a geeky couple (the girl was gorgeous – Madam Palak, and those FEET in that profound pose– on the bed – Madam PAYE LAGU! I dont care if you’re a virgin, I’d worship you like a Queen anyway!!) desperate to finally “do the thing” – except every time they try, something gets in the way, when they finally think they’ve got it made, lockdown shows up …

Pilot Madam is bored as heck out of her mind – not being able to live her high flying routine, and does things she normally wouldn’t, like seduce geek … I can relate. Hehe.

But the best parts of the movie to me was how the maids family – and poor people in general were impacted, some walking up to 50 km a day simply to find food back home in their villages (true tale).

And, to me, the best part of the movie – the prostitutes whose income gets cut off abruptly – until they start livestreaming. Hehe.

Throughout the movie, they show these ladies, confident in a manner that shows their underlying insecurity at the job they do – the way they’re used by men – but the language these ladies use behind the scenes – my – it would make a sailor blush.

And THAT turned me on the most!

Like Rachna Ma’am rightly said, women cuss just as much.

So they should, if not more, and these ladies sure did it, lots of inventive terms for men – randy men – and when you combine that with lovely makeup and foot on table, and them laughing at the men behind their backs, and … well, it was such a turn on!

Thats not to say women that are “prim and proper” cannot be just as dominating and a turn on.

No, foul language isn’t required.

But, its the CONFIDENCE, the aura which really does it.

A long time ago, I worked for a person named “Freddie”, and he used colorful language at work too.

But it wasn’t WHAT he said.

It was how he said it … Hehe. Funny as heck, no-one minded it!

The way these ladies were gettin men in and out – literally- haha – like cattle, which they are! MY!

And … well these ladies, what can I say. All I was goggling at is lead prostitute’s feet, soles, the way she talked, the way she bossed others around, laughed at men.

I can just imagine lead lady plonking her foot down on my shoulder arrogantly for a massage, or on my chest, while I stare at her SOLES, after she’s had sex she hates, her calling me a “Chootiya” (fucker in Hindi)

MY – It’s SO NICE, this brattiness, the ARROGANCE from these working class Indian QUEENS!

Madam Ji, Paye Lagu.

You’re SO NICE!

And thats that for this one.


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some tales of Indian femdom NOW. Super HOT!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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