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Bhagwati Ma’am, you make life SO worth living!

She’s even slinkier these days is Madam, like “Vidal’s wife” as I wrote about on another site!

I could literally see the sway in those lovely hips – old or not, she’s SO NICE!

An older lady recently wrote back to me saying “the sex ship has LONG sailed for me!”

Has it?

Maybe so.

And this ode to Bhagwati Devi – well, let me start by saying that today for the most part, my SO won’t be at home, and I’ll have the chance – again – to?

SERVE Madam Bhagwati as the royal Queen she truly is!

I’ve written about how things manifest, and I’ve been thinking about this for DAYS now, and it’s manifested – damn near.

Never say it until it happens, some might say – except I’m telling myself right now ,not the world. Hehe.

I’ll tell the world – soon. Matter of fact, I’m telling you now!

My SO of course thinks with my comments about her lovely assets, I’d have SEX with her.


The sex ship done long sailed for Madam too most  likely.

But that doesn’t mean the WORSHIP ship has sailed, Ma’am!

THAT HAS ONLY GOTTEN STRONGER, these older ladies are SUCH A PLEASURE TO WORSHIP, and even when they want to be sexually pleased, like Madam Aa Ling’s mom – well. It’s a ROYAL PLEASURE!

I doubt Bhagwati’s sex ship has sailed, with that sway to the hips, but I’d never dare have sex with her or bring it up.

“Madam, let me take your bag” … at the door.

That coy giggle, that KNOWING LOOK – she’s know instantly my SO wasn’t there, and she’d be more free to talk (as opposed to guilty cum “I can’t help it” smile women of ANY Age give a man’s SO when he’s SO FLATTERING her in front of her!).

She LOVES it.

“ma’am, will you clean today!”

Of course, son!

She calls me “son”. HEhe. So nice, yet such a lovely way to do it front of the SO – haha.

Smart lady, so SMART!

“Ma’am, I thought you had high BP, so I was thinking youd want a massage, foot rubs” …


Id happily do it for you, Madam, I’d say!

I want to give Bhagwati a “dumb” phone – which she smartly enough uses a brick phone now – but like Madam Pearl did from an old lascivious “Glyn Schofield” styled fool and idiot, “I took an iphone from him and then dumped him! ”

Bhagwati wouldn’t dump me.

Maybe on me? Hehe.

I never thought I’d plumb SUCH DEPTHS OF DEVOTION MY FRIEND – Pooja Memsahib was the last one I felt this CRAVEN lust for, another older, downtrodden lady – sort of fair skinned, not in good shape, but that fat TUMMY – MY!

Those rolls of FAT. MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And those lovely SOLES and calves.

Bhagwati Ma’am and her CRACKED soles, the dominating FEET – her attitude – her – she makes life worth living, and I thank my lucky stars for being fortunate enough to have women like this in my life – daily.

Matter of fact so you can if you follow these affirmations.

And that, my friend, is that. Note I didnt say she’d be lying in my bed today getting her soles worshipped – actually PRESSED, as she complains about life, and gets MORE comfortable with the massage.

Life’s strange tho. You never know.

And, thats that.

Watch for more updates soon, but this, my friend, is an ODE to this lovely lady – yet another one of em. She so deserves it. You could make me write all day on this, it would be less, and I’d keep doing it!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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