Indian Femdom


It seems so fitting, as I was waiting for regal Bhagwati Devi to show up, tongue in hand, for the honor of taking her bag – begging to – from he r “tired” shoulders, that I manifested another pair of DOMINATING feet right down to the red nailpolish and feet splayed out- and skin color – washing her bike – right outside the DOOR!

My wife – SO – says she isn’t the most flirtatious of all the girls living here, she is focused on another dominant lady.

But this lady, this dark skinned SOUTH Indian lady, I met her when I first moved here, and the sparks flew – unsaid!

Sometimes, keeping the sexual tension alive is the best thing, often times it is!

SO fitting that a younger version of Bhagwati is standing out there, that coy grin that says, without a word “Boy, I know you looked first, then opened the door to see ME!

Which I sort of did (ok, I was checking to see if the gardener was here, who was makin a mess etc, but … well, both reasons!)

She knows.

I manifest.

And it’s the perfect match.

How lovely, Madam’s FEET!

Madam, Paye Lagu. Youre SO NICE!



PS – The SO wants to fire Bhago. Of course, the replacement lady never showed up – the Universe truly sees all, and the right reasons are rewarded, the wrong never are long term.

One door closes, two more open! Hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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