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Manifesting Manju Madam … AGAIN!

There she was, looking as pretty – well, beautiful – there is a difference! Slim, lovely, and without an umbrella again, but wait,  let me back up – no pun intended!

I’ve spoken often about how I manifest things on auto pilot.

And the other day it was (it started to, unexpectedly) pour CATS and DOGS – and though I had an umbrella, I got completely drenched, roads flooded and such.

All along I was thinking of how nice it would be (I was alone then) if I had a Madam next to me, to hold an umbrella for!

I was thinking of Bhagwati Ma’am to be honest.

And then there it was she – there SHE WAS!

She was DRENCHED to the bone, except it wasn’t Bhagwati – it was a young girl I thought she was a maid.

So I had to offer her the “sanctity of my umbrella”, giggling, Madam came near me, not too near.

“Are thoda aur pass aa jao Madam Ji”, I told her. Laughing. I wont eat you!

It was REALLY pouring, then she did.

And one thing led to another – I manifested plenty of other things that day, but we will leave that out. Madam left, and other than the stares I got from passing Indians (apparently “class difference and such”, “I’m not supposed to hold an umbrella for workers” – ugh – poor girl was getting drenched, it’s the least Mike could do for her??

People – ugh. Some things never change in India …) (including the infrastructure, but we’ll rant on that lateR).

Anyway ….


It was a light drizzle, i had to step out – and then I didnt take my umbrella. Of course, it poured midway – and I got caught in the middle of sending a message to Madam Nandini … JI! Who I hadn’t spoken to for MONTHS literally.

Long story, but her first reaction?

“I bought a dress, boy! Send me X amount to my PayTM!”

Oh my!

When Madam commands, I JUMP like I did for Madam Pearl – whose story is being “rephrased” by Countess Paula before it goes on Audible and Amazon and our sites for sale – the SPANISH VERSION OF IT! French to follow – no pun.

So many Madam’s everywhere, whats Mike Watson to do.

Even Garima Madam’s bitch is being translated (oops – edit – narrated) (I get so confused!!) by perfect Madam – or Empress – Cynthia. Hehe. And she is very perfect, guys!


Anyway, as I was sending that message, it started pouring, that message never went through.

So I resent it.

She enjoyed the tale.

But … I stepped out, in the rain now, and there she was!

The same lady, same dress, same long lovely feet, no nailpolish!

Now, I was late for an appointment, the person wouldn’t wait for me …

… I asked Madam if she was a maid.

Giggling she said something about a doctor when I mentioned “Madam, it always rains when I see you, but today I have no umbrella!”

I then found out she was a nurse. Hehe. And far more beautiful than the last one, and … well, I wanted her number.

Before I got the chance to ask, my appointment ran away or was about to, so I had to SPRINT to the bus stop. Hehe.

But thats OK.

Madam, I’ll meet you again, third time LUCKY!

In the meantime, I’ll be reimbursing a dress for Nandini Ma’am tomorrow.

Life’s good.

So it will be for YOU when you submit fully, most importantly, your FINANCES to a woman

For more real life experiences in that regard – read on HERE.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

PS – I did ask her name.

Manju, she said.


In Indian Femdom Recollections y’all will remember that lovely dark skinned maid Manju who drives me nuts till THIS date, more than 30 years later when I think of her!

And today there she is, another young Manju.

Life’s GREAT Ma’am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS – I SO wanted to buy Nandini Ma’am shoes, but she was having NONE of it – aka Princess Joanie!

It’s always about her, boy!

And I dont even know the dress shes bought. Hehe. Maybe she’ll be kind enough to send me a PICTURE! 😉

But luckily it’s a short dress she bought. Hehe.

I’ll keep y’all posted!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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