Indian Femdom

Malkin, PLEASE let me take your sandals and jootis off!

Remember the lovely Princess Sophia?

“it would be great if you could do that in public”! *Grin*

Or, Princess Joanie for whom I DID do it in public. I had no choice! Hehe.

This afternoon standing out there enjoying a quiet smoke under a tree, man!

Three Indian ladies in pink, or two first actually.

And the first, those shapely legs, the JOOTIS – my!!!!

The other Goddess was just as attractive – bit THOSE calves were so shapely! And i could smell the rank lovely soles almost ..

And then it happened. .she gave me THAT interested look, walked past knowing full well my eyes were on dem legs. Hehe.

As a friend of mine told me once, I’m a leg man.

So am I.

And he’s likely into feet too. Hehe.

But the girl that passed by in an autorickshaw so popular here, sandals, fat, sitting comfortably.

Oh – MY!

I almost flew to her to beg to take her sandals off in public and worship.

Man, Indian Goddesses!

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And that’s that.

Malkin, paye lagu. You’re so NICE!

Oh and the first girl was a nurse

Ok, I’ve teased you enough. I’m so good at it eh. Hehe.

Grab some books now. And remember to review too,!




Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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