Indian Femdom

Is her HARSH voice actually more attractive? X

Moti awaz, like they say in India, like my S.O. has (by her own admission a “thick voice”).

My, women in general – I wish they would realise just how attractive their a called NEGATIVE qualities are!

Dirty calloused feet, old age – low social class, as you guys that follow me know – all such a turn on, MORE so than if she has everything that’s “pretty and desirable” (though that’s no less of a turn on Madam x).

I love authentic. The only way…

And listening to my lovely SO fart loudly as she shits in the bathroom, seems to a prosaic time as any to write this…

It often hits me with the dhobans lovely young daughter.

The mother has a soft melodious voice. Velvet in an iron glove.

The daughter? Equally lovely?

Looks wise, she’s harsh looking yet so NICE x.

And voice? It’s all iron!

I’m not talking commands issued harshly via a lovely voice … As is commonly shown. That’s different.

What REALLY turns the true femdom lover on is that “moti awaz” as they say in India!

Dafa ho ja!

Chal hat!

Sure, vibe counts the most.

But a thick hoarse voice doesn’t hurt either!

And thats that, folks X. Keep following us on X as well – no pun …



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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