Indian Femdom

Strong, confident – even BOORISH Indian women. My!

I’ll never forget my SO sagely telling me how women cuss just as much as men – if not more.

And I agree. Why not!

I’ve said so often on the other site – why shouldn’t SHE come home from work – burp – spread her legs – and demand to be serviced – a hot meal – just like men?

Slap the man around for not doing it per her expectations – unfortunately that happens a lot to women in India!

Listening to the dhoban and her mom talk, it reminds me of an old James Hadley Chase movie where the woman in the tale made some men in a bar back down with terms that “would make a sailor blush red”. Hehe. Or, like a tall black guy once said about me “Mike, I’m black, but I’m blushing red with all your praise (simping)”.

Using terms men do, flipping them off, laughing out loud – brash, arrogant, yet not by choice, only because of the weak men in their life that failed them. They HAD to become what they did.

Yet, faced with real men, they are as feminine and womanly as can be!

No woman “wants” to be that way. They were forced by circumstances to improvise, adapt and overcome to survive. And, I respect that immensely – no matter what gender the person is or identifies with. That’s what the sexy part really is about!

And my SO is but one example of that. . .

Do you understand what I mean?

If do, you’re truly not just a real femdom lover but you love women in general and that’s how it should be. Xo.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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