Mein Gal ka Butter banana janti hun!

Mein Gal ka Butter banana janti hun!

Instant hard time for yours truly sissified!

Ever seen that POSE … well, the one pose I’ve written about is when she is ready to KICK you away with the ball (or entire) foot!

Truly priceless, outstretched or outraised leg .. Madam Priyanka did this so often to me!

And often times completely unannounced, as I’d wash her feet over and over again, and she’d kick me irritably away.

“Bhag Yahan se! Ja jake Bartan Maz!”

Now, and again.

Yours truly’s Hindi is very rusty indeed!

But it means the following.

“Off with you, boy! Go do the dishes or something! Don’t bother me!”

That last phrase being the vibe.

And thats what so nice about femdom.

I’m not bothering her (i wasn’t).

I was SERVING her. Like she TOLD me to.

Ordered me to!

And yet, this treatment. No thank you, or nothing, and Paye Lagu, Madam!

I Dont deserve it! It’s all about YOU having your cake and eating too. THAT Look in the eye!

Anyway, pose #2 is when she’s ready to slap you, those fingernails painted either red or blue.

Post #3, of course, the raised forefinger.

“Listen, boy! And don’t argue!”

So confident, dehumanzing, humiliating, and … a clear sign of HER superority.

My current SO is from the Indian subcontinent.

And, this afternoon we were eating “rajma chawal” a dish apparently popular in that part of the sub continent.

Kidney beans and rice, and she cooked up a mean storm, and I remember asking her something or the other.


I think I asked if she knew how to “make butter out of an apple” or some inane thing I saw on some Youtube video she-deo (I hate most social media, as you guys on here can tell!) … I would have made a joke out of it too.


And my ears RANG!

I know this too, boy she said, raising her palm.

Those fingernails painted BLUE!

I know how to make BUTTER out of your cheeks!

And leave an imprint … BOY!

Which is what the title of this post translates into, if I’ve got it right.

She said it in Hindi. So I think I have!

And THAT, my friend is that.

Madam, please DO make butter out of my “gal”.

I deserve it, love it, and you’re so SUPERIOR And a GODDESS!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!


Mike Watson

PS – You might not believe it, but my S.O. knows Garima Madam very well, and also I believe Pooja Memsahib JI. Much like a lot of people don’t believe that the tales in my CHINESE FEMDOM series actually took place – they won’t believe this either.

But believe me, my friend. Being a sissified male has many advantages, as does being cucked and locked! 😉

(the above is just one, hehe).

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!