Indian Femdom

Sun drenched workouts, and massaging perfect Pooja Memsahib … in the SUN!

That, my friend is not one of the experiences I wrote about in the bestselling Pooja Memsahib series – a series SO BLASE that even hardcore fetish lovers are taken aback.

Much like Pooja herself, a USER and ABUSER par excellence, the tone is BRASH – CRASS – and abusive!

And her GRAVELLY lovely voice rings out in each word!

“Chalu Rakh!”

Keep the massage up, boy! smack!

And listen up, you little cuck boy reading this.

I got back from a great workout outdoors – and will take a dump soon.

Yes, those huge REAL MAN turds will emerge!

And what I want to do anything more than now?

Is to press Pooja Memsahib’s legs, her back as she lies there sunning herself in the sun!

Actually, her cuck did that a long time ago, if you recall!

In the park, as she rests, calves dangling, lovely BROWN skin – and ANKLET on offer!

Anyway, I want her naked – and on her stomach – VOLUPTOUS ASS on display, and you, cuckie, better get to work LICKING that asshole!

And mine too ,as my cock is rampant and hard.

And I haven’t written about those adventures in the book on Pooja, but PRincess Joanie – well – she didnt miss a chance, and the Epilogue to the book contains it!

As she made me massage her for hours in theBLISTERING HEAT AND SUN, she was being fanned and served ice cold drinks, and under the sun tan umbrella, but me?


And she made me go down to the salt water to wash those blisters!


And that, cuckie, is your fate.

And as you’re no doubt salivating as yet – I’ll end here, and get a massage.

You, boy, pick up the books so you can FUND IT!




PS – Carol Madam once told me to “tilt her umbrella” a certain way. As the sun loomed, she’d tilt it so the rays ever changing, wouldn’t sully her perfect skin. What a queen, hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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