Indian Femdom

Melanie, you’re just such a GODDESS!

She doesnt know it, or maybe not consciously.

Maybe sub consciously. Definitely so!

Her responses give it away, hehe.

But over the past few days, yours truly has been communicating with a blond haired, blue eyed lady from the UK ( I believe, but I ain’t sure).

And this lady is every bit as dominant as she doesnt say/know!

I know that sounds strange.

But it’s true!

She’s also the very embodiment of the following – –

Femdom is never about her looks – or age – or money – or feet, for tha matter!

It’s about her … BOY!

Her MIND – that VIBE – that MINDSET is what counts.

I didtn say all this on the social media platform I met her on.

In fact, I rarely use social media. My Twitter getting blocked due to no fault of mine was one reason I quit, but to be honest, the amount of nonsense on social media sh-edia these days?

I’d rather focus on my sites, and myb usiness.

And pressing feet, of course, hehe, which I’m good at – – or so I’ve been told!

Anyway, She is the one I think about every “night” now, but not in the way you might think!

Not necessarily just femdom either, hehe.

Blink and you’ll miss it, but the tale of “Ravi and Angela” is closer to home than it might appear, my friend.

Or, I should say, Angela and Ravi!

Her Brown Slut” is one of my books which hasn’t seen that many sales as yet.

Oddly enough, I haven’t promoted it much either.

But really … the British “Madam” and “Ravi” which is an Indian name, and the way the outwardly virile macho man SUBMITS to Madam without her even asking?

Its truly a tale to be SEEN To be believed.

Believe me!

And of course, Ravi was … ?

Well you’ll have to read the book to find out, but interracial femdom is such a turn on!

Especially when it carries “historic” overtones as it did in that story.

And even more so when yours truly worships Chinese women – or Indian women – or any women!

I know. I said race.

But …

Well you get the point!

And thats that for now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up “The Brown Slut”.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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