Jyoti Ma’am …

Jyoti Ma’am …

Perhaps it was the lovely lady – on the bigger side – that was looking SO arrogantly into the camera last night, with those SOLES so visible, oh my, the POSE – so – PROFOUND! 

Profound pose indeed when she’s laying on her stomach, soles dangling up in the air, makes EVERY woman look so DOMINATING! ? As she should be, of course. 

If there ever was a “cum companion” to the great book on those lovely penises Penis Central – a book that will make you cum just READING it- flicking through the pages, pun intended! – it is Profound Poses – Volume One.

Volume Two on the way shortly too!

Anyway, Jyoti Ma’am …

I woke up to her this morning. (as I write this, I see the holy number “108” appear on the screen – holy for Hindus, as I said before!) (so apt!) …

As I did all those years ago …

The house was BIG.

The house was in a desolate area.

Two people – me and another person were on the porch.

“Ma’am, it was so worth it wasn’t it?”

And Jyoti Ma’am started to explain something to the other person who wasn’t interested.

I pressed Ma’am’s knee gently.

“No need to explain, it’s OK” (I cannot remember the exact language I used, probably in my dream diary. Let me look)

(ok, I just said “no problem”, but that was the gist) …

But then, the scene shifted to me and the other person looking at Ma’am through the window …

I remember saying “she can sit outdoors here, FEET up in a nightgown, no-one to stare and ogle at her!

And that matters for ladies!

Being comfortable, wearing what you like, sitting outside without men gaping all the time . . .

(and mentally undressing women in that nasty x ray manner. Ugh!)

(It’s one thing to look properly, as I’ve always said, women dont necessarily mind that, but that nasty X ray stare many have – ugh! Pooja Memsahib has it too – and I so LOVE It when women turn the tables like that on MEN! ??. That thousand yard stare Pooja Ma’am has makes me SO WEAK!)

Maybe indeed I am, as Paula says, “appearing weak, but totally strong in reality”.

SHE has it so spot on, more than anyone else ever has! Truly a God(dess) send, that lady…

Anyway – and then I remember telling the person next to me.

“But if I didnt look at her feet, none of this would have happened”.

I was saying it quietly.

“Did she hear”, I whispered. 

Maybe not.

The other person didnt say anything either way.

But she “looked” without looking.

I KNEW she got the thoughts.

I KNEW she knows.

I KNOW she knows NOW!

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!

And all those years ago, if I had not seen those pink flip flops that have followed me around in one way, shape or form – those lovely feet, the toes painted BRIGHT RED

… None of this would have probably happened!

Or maybe it would have!

I dont know why I chose Priyanka as the name of the heroine, the Madam, the Femme Fatale for Serving an Indian Goddess.

Maybe because of another gorgeous Indian lady Priyanka Chopra we’ve all heard of, though to be honest, Jyoti at 19 was just as stunning, just as gorgeous!

She still is actually. Hehe.

That dream was … so …POIGNANT, felt so nice!

Just like being under Ma’am’s feet was, being humiliated, put in my place, serving her, and so forth.


Most dont do it right.

And that, my friend, is that.

Jyoti Ma’am, Paye lagu! You dont “know it as yet”, but you truly inspired a legacy!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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