You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you, footboy!

You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you, footboy!

I can just hear it, hehe.

And I felt it!

Often times, perfect Mistress Jyoti would lie on the bed at 2 AM in the morning (she’d call me first, and I’d rush from my dorm to her spic and span apartment).

It would be either after she got back from clubbing and was tired after having danced with other men …. 

Other sexy studs!

And she would flirt and drink with them, be all womanly!

Or, after a white stud left her house.

(so said my friends, and she never confirmed it either way, but why should she! She doesnt need to boy!)

What she needed was her legs rubbed, and sissy time with me which I gladly and dutifully gave her, and even WROTE about it in a bestselling series.

Yes, that right.

Priyanka is Priyanka, and she’s gorgeous, but she’s Jyoti! Mistress Jyoti!

I dont know why i used the name Priyanka.

Maybe because the Bollywood star is just as gorgeous …

(I’ve been writing about Indian porn stars, remember! Hehe).


But anyway, thats what YOU on this list want.

Much like I did when I saw that Chinese girls’ soles and nothing else, not even Ass, just ONE sole under the chair!

“Madam PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE take my bank account! Madam please Madam!” 

And though Sophia, Madam Sophie just called me Sir, I grovel like that in front of her too!

And she’s already got my account. Hehe.

But point is this.

For YOU on this list, I AM sir.

I might as well be the stud, or self appointed head sissy, whatever you choose to call it.

Submit to ME, boy, and my girls – and I’ll truly take you to sissy heaven like youve never been before.


Pah. Doesnt even start to compare!

And I’m out on that note – I’m about to workout and get hot and sweaty.

Be waiting with dicks out, salivating, on your knees, and that wad – of MONEY – in your hands …. BOY! 


Be the cuck you ARE. 

SUPPLICATE YOURSELF, and be owned by a true GOD forever, boy! 

I truly am that person for you, and with cock curved looking DOWN at you, more to speak!



PS – HERE is where you cock lovers can GO to prove yourself FIRST.

No pay, no play boy. Just get off the list if thats you, because this Master doesn’t want you to stay on it and the girls sure dont either, hehe.

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!