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Why women in general should never show anything above their ankles, boy!

I think I’ve mentioned in “Serving an Indian Goddess” my love for the sari – and the “salwar Kameez” – the first being as Gregory David Roberts wrote about in the bestseller Shantaram, one of the most flattering garments ANY woman can wear!

And it is – and it lends itself great to femdom, and I’ve written about that before!

The arms – the back – the shoulders – and the feet – and calves – and nothing else, boy!

Press them now!

And the salwar kameez is another one of those tight fitting outfits – at the BOTTOM.

Like a pajama where the bottoms fit snugly at the ankles, and dont slide up as the lady walks, or sits, or lies down – much like a pair of track pants, preferably those tight “ankle huggers”!

Madam’s feet as she lies there, bored and IRRITATED – and the irritation and frustration at anything makes for a great combo so she can be BITCHY to the slave. 

My significant other is this way ALL the time, and it drives me insane with lust!

She denigrates me. Talks down to me.

True, she’s in a Nazi feminist household and so was I growing up.

That is NOT good, period.

Nazi anything and “all my way or the highway” is never good – even in BDSM – you gotta consider the other person!

For it to be successful anyway …

But really, she’s so bitchy that I avoid talking to her unless – I give her money – or am serving her food – or tea – or making her bed – or pressing her feet – or her HEAD, which she always wants – with oil – complimenting her – putting nailpolish on … or …


I think I talk to her all day, hehe.

But it’s always about HER!

And as she lies there, that foot – that dirty sole casually staring at me.

She wears night pajamas which I HATE. Granny style – she no longers wear the sexy nightdresses which she did when we first started dating although even then, of course, I worshipped her. 

She’s just taking it to NEW LEVELS BOY!

She has a “bob cut” to her hair she modeled on some Korean soap opera which I hate. 

And yet, femdom wise!

I’m sitting at her feet pressing them all night long, and often times they dig into my cock, the BASE, like that dream I had – and I cum – and keep pressing her soles!

She snores all throughout it!

And of course, the latest sandals she bought.

Sort of like high heels, except with a tiny heel, “slip on” type that Indian women so love …

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes. The clothes!

And what makes it all the more interesting with this sort of clothing is I’m NOT allowed to see anything above the ankle!

Ms. Priyanka never did either – I had to BEG for it. Literally . While she went out dancing with other men!

Paye Lagu, Mistress Jyoti – you were so nice, so bitchy, so dominant, such a Goddess and Queen, and still are after three kids!

And when the clothes finally come off, of course.

It’s mouth to ass, boy – but boy, do I wait – and worship – and PAY first!

On that note, often times as Madam Pearl made me do, I’ll send her money – repeatedly – as I smooch her asshole, often fresh from a dump!

OH – MY!

And she chats with other men too!

Most would call her a “cunt”.

I call her a true Goddess, and a bitchy, dominant PERFECTION!

Paye (or sole!) lagu, Memsahib JI!

You do it so naturally, and I’m so priveleged, as I see your FOOT again!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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