Why you should support women starting cosmetics business (in particular).

Why you should support women starting cosmetics business (in…

And why?

Given that I say you should grovel before a woman in general – why?

Why, Mike,why, as a certain rant I received last afternoon went.

It was from the same nutjob that is trolling a fitness guru friend of mine, or attempting to. My friend turned it around on him, and now he’s going bonkers looking at videos of femdom porn, and getting more and more frustrated at not being able to get some.

Glyn “Bozo” Schofield in the UK seems to be the name from what the fitness guru told me…

“I’ve never met you, and never had a problem with you!”

Well, but my friend has my friend.

And if he’s saying you badger women all day long, and cheat them out of money, and be nasty to them while all the while frustrated they dont pander to your cuckold loser tendencies (and foot fetishes, and what not, and fetishes of them peeing on you and such) – – well, guess what.

You deserve to be called out.

Not to mention the thief you are in your “Dr Jekyll” life.

Blow the Hockey field” is what he’s called on my friends inner circle apparently (not viewable to all, but I’ve bought products from him – fitness wise, he’s by far the BEST) 

(My friend would be a great writer – actually, he is!)

Anyway, a great customer once told me (he bought the Serving an Indian Goddess series) that “its best to just ignore these morons”.

Lets do just that, hehe.

But cosmetics.

And nailpolish!

And lipstick!

Sissy heaven, hehe.

“Madam, what color nailpolish do you like?”

And done right, thats a subconscious trick that very few, if any women can resist, and the auto femdom switch goes on (no, it won’t if you’re an idiot pestering the women though, and this is what I keep explaining in my pathbreaking guide on attracting femdom to you, willy nilly, like a house on fire almost).

“Madam, what about your lipstick?” 

“Do you wear red lipstick” 

Huge grin!

You may not believe it, but I asked these very questions to a lady on a non fetish related forum – a POLITICAL forum of all things, and while some of the idiot guys “laughed at me” secretly wishing the cougar would talk to THEM, hehe (she didnt) – she replied and how!

A lovely Southern lady that … 

With that look, those eyes – thank you Mrs M! 

Anyway, cosmetics business entail those questions, and what better business could there for YOU, cuck, to support her start?

Think about it now … boy!


Mike Watson

PS – The one cuck lesson you can learn from Bozo Schofield and his pals is this … ah, but I guess I covered it here. Remember though, the result will not just be zero if you do it his way, but negative, and if you want REAL results – well -do WHAT and HOW the book tells you to, and stand by and MARVEL!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!
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