Why ladies from HR make the best Dominas ever!

Why ladies from HR make the best Dominas ever!

An old boss of mine once made the famous comment about …

“HR is the most useless function in any organization”! 

He was referring to an admittedly gorgeous Madam Priyanka … a Priyanka that made it a point to be the bitchiest lady and most useless in the organization in terms of getting any real work done  – – and NO, it wasn’t THAT Priyanka!

Or, it wasn’t Madam Katherine either – no!

It was another one, Sir!

And he was damned right about HR in general being useless for work – I’ve often referred to headhunters and HR in general being “as useless as screen doors on a submarine”, and … my lovely SO?

She – this Goddess – is HR as well!

And the first time she even heard me say that?

Along with the time I very brazely and honestly told her about my escapades in Sin City Diaries?

Oh my!

The first was met with a solid kick … to the nutters!

I still remember it. POW!

And the second, true story, and oddly enough?

“How dare you tell me all this!””

She didnt say boy, but I UNDERSTOOD. So did she, hehe.

And thats one of the tips mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the mainland“.

Not to be a Don Juan as I was, or am, or what not.

But to … ah, but I’ll let you figure it out, my friend!

Anyway, she’s going to get something called “Kapur” now. Something uses for worship or what not – some Goddess or somethign.

I’d rather worship her big ass, hehe.

But anyway … where was I. Ah, HR!!!!

And on that note what I want to do to my lovely HR “SO” right now?

Shes wearing blue capris! The SOLES are visible!

She’s chatting in a giggly manner to men she’s calling SIR!

And I so want to squat obsequisely in front of her and press her feet like a servant – and her back!

Her backs sore, boy!

I’d like to bring her tea!

And of cours,e do the laundry, which I am, but most of all?

This morning she told me something about the trash.

“Theek se KAR!” 

And it was about putting trash in … oddly enough, black poo shaped pickles “gone bad” she was referring to that I had to pry it out with my fingers, or if I was smart – a chopstick.

I used th elatter.

But I’ve said before about how INdian languages are spoken differently in terms of who you’re talking to!

And the way she said it?

She might well be talking not just to a minion, but a female minion.

THAT is what I want.

And I want to try on her new pink sports bra too, and kiss her ass again, and beg her to flirt more with the men, and what else?

I’m sure y’all know.

But point of me telling you what I WANT?

… is this.

Its what  YOU TRULY WANT – and can’t get, cuck.

And part of the reason you haven’t “conditioned “her properly, and neither have you yourself.

No we’re not here for a quick WANK, BOY. You go the whole humpty, or not at all.

It’s called the femdom lifestyle for a reason …

And my books are called “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” for a damn good reason too!

Partake of some now my friend.

Freebie aside, once you go Watson, you’ll never go back.



… never go back, except my ass, which is probably the loveliest ever too, as many a black cock would attest. Hehe. I so wish I had one dangling in front of me now to suckle on …

… and why they make the best Dominas – well – it’s because they – talk to the most MEN!!!!!!!!!

…. men that call them useless. Little do they know. HA!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!