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With each perfect step that UBER PERFECT MADAM Nicole takes, the more I want to pay her – to EXIST! Her FEET SHOULD BE PAID not just her! WHAT A QUEEN!

I swear!

Friend, I’ve been thrown for a loop unlike anything before. 

Actually, that part is wrong. I get thrown for these loops all the time, these women are just too gorgeous for us cucks to resist… ! 

You KNOW the feeling if your loins stir simply reading PART of my emails (that was user feedback a few days ago – thanks Mike!) (He’s “Mike” too).

But anyway, the video she posted.

Before that, her lovely picture on wechat – as I told her “Madam, you’re looking just like a traditional Chinese girl now!” (as opposed to a normal picture before).

Of course the economy is tough, and Madam’s real – or side, hehe – her real job is trapping MEN! – job is real estate, so she’s gotta appear “cute and submissive”.

She knows how men think!

“Nice submissive girl, I’ll buy from her!”

Little do they know, hehe. She’s one of the smartest ever!

“Not smart”, she said. 


As I scrolled through her Wechat idly, I know there was very good reason behind me blurting out what I did.

And true to form, I saw this.

Feet, red toenails, feet – taking one step afte rthe other, until they led to a luxurious house, I was hoping she’d put her feet up, but MAdam cut the video off!

See for yourself HERE!

But she’s such a Queen and Goddess, with each step she takes I wanna pay not just her, but her feet to just exist!

I asked her if she knows what a Goddess she is.

“I dont know”, she replied with a big grin.


Of course you do, is what I told her. Hehe.

She’s a customer though. She’s bought coffee and other things from me before (thats something I do on the side, by the way, when I’m not sucking cock or kissing feet or assholes or buying girls gifts and salivating after them like a Bozo, except a smart one, unlike Bozo Schofield – ugh, what a nightmare that dude is, my stud friend – fitness guy – told me! He’s really a stud though, that fitness guy, I’ve seen his videos. REAL MAN x 1000! SMOKING HOT GUY!) 

(if you want his site, let me know – I’ll send you Sirs way!!!!!! NO, I get nothing from him – or do I? No I dont! He’s just a male God!)

Anyway, that aside, with every step Madam took,  and all I could see was?

A long white dress.

And feet, and red toes!

Brings back memories for the Watson faitful, I know!


And much like SHE hooked me, but even she had a lovely cute cunning look to her – THAT LOOK – and I could see her legs, albeit thick legs!

But with NIcole, I can’t see a thing – just her lovely feet!

The dress is even longer than what Joanie made me buy.

THEN BUy ME A DRESS. BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d buy Nicole 1000000 of them!

Shes such a Queen and Goddes, I want to sign my bank account over to her with every perfect pristine step she takes, her feet shouldn’t be steppping on even clean ground.

And funnily enough, I met her once when looking for another Queen “Emily” (who has again, she says thick legs, but Id beg to press them for her, and she knows it!) 

SHE’s A GODDESS TOO!!!!!!!!!

I seem to have quite a history with real estate agents, hehe.

(and in case you thought that was something, wait till the crux of all this – the book on intense and nigh perfect Madam Joyce, the ULTIMATE QUEEN – another real estate agent – comes out!!!!). 

For now, gorge on the above – this is why I write Chinese femdom like I do. Nothing like REAL LIFE FEMDOM, boy!

But anyway, I was looking for Emily once, couldn’t find her, but found Nicole.

Dont quite remember how, but we added each other. I think NIcole said “you can ask me if you want an apartment”.

something made me add her, I’m so glad I did. Hehe.

She’s a Queen and Goddess, and while Goddess Emily once deleted me off her list, and never told me why, Nicole hasn’t.

she added me back with kisses too.

I suspect because too many admirers!1

Can’t keep up!!!!!!!!

I think though, and KNOW – that its the 5000 contact limit on WeChat.

Really. She’s a great girl, and has helped me for free many a times!

And thats what I love the most.

All these dominant ladies are great people deep down inside, which is what makes it all worth it.

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI! You’re the best!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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