Indian Femdom

Smegma infested long dongs, and more …

Or long Johns, hehe.

Believe it or not, as I say in Cuck Central, cucks have ‘e too sometimes!

But here’s the thing, friend.

Cucks should always be – and are usually CLEAN down there.

And here’s the thing.

If YOU rarely wash down there, you won’t be (men).

IF you’re cut, thats different, uncut – you must wash!

I’ve lost track of the number of men that ask women to suck their smegma infested cocks, yet whin up a storm about giving them head.


First thing you know, men are usually the stinkier ones.

Of course, as I was told myself for my nasty, elephant snout, much loved and hated phimotic “sick dick” … Hehe.

“Be sure and peel the skin back!”

Curiously, no-one ever taught met od o that from a young age, and I wonder thats why I never did it?

And, the phimosis developed.

I’ve NEVER seen my cock head, boy!

Never ever.

Neither has perfect Madam Ashley!

Why I can’t see the HEAD, boy!

Her frustration and annoyance, oh my, bestted ONLY by when Icouldn’t last in bed that night, hehe, not even a fraction of a millsecond – literally. The minute she touched nipples – boing! 

The minute she got on top – limipe central, hehe. 

No wonder she HATED giving me head, never did!

*you’ll read all about it in the book above* *get it NOW*

And anyway, when I see pictures of smegma infested cocks ?

Same thing as with their pee! Or cum!

Or sissy cum.

(btw, sissygasm lovers, if you’re doing it right, the first few should be solid leaks like spurts, not orgasm like spurts – once done, THEN the real bliss starts, and the slow leak…)

Those doing it right will know what Mikey means, most don’t.

I’m truly such a bitch!

And so are most men reading this, hehe – smegma or not.

Come get some of cock worship here!


Mike Watson (I almost write something else these days whle writing it. What? Patience, grasshopper, patience!)

And I know you’re watching to a certain S filled BS dude Bozo. Hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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