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More on Pooja Ma’ams ROLLS of fat, why they’re SO NICE!!

As I recently wrote on Twitter…

The rolls of fat around Pooja Maam’s waist are so, so sexy! Women should be natural, it’s the best, no pressure to conform to idiotic standards, should be worshipped ANYWAY! YES MA’AM!! YOU’re so , so NICE! REALLY!

And as I wrote (again – Twitter)

You feeling good and me kissing your feet and saying thank you for it is the whole point. You’re such a perfect Goddess, Reina. As a past girlfriend once said. “How to do”. 

*biggrin* *biggrin*

And more …

Trust me, my Twitter account is a GREA TONE TO FOLLOW – the very best , if you’re into femdom! (the real kind, not the Bozo “jerk off to it” kind).

I mean REAL femdom!

And it’s true, what I said above, women have all this pressure to be “rail thin”, skinny, while for men, age and being FAT never matters, only their bank balances do!

Why the double standard?

Sure, for men, you could argue they should not be judged by their bank balances…

OF course they should!

We love double standards when it benefits WOMEN!


But really, it’s insane, the pressure put on girls about age, and looks and such, and I’ve gone hoarse saying it, yet I keep saying it anyway – because people know it’s true, and when you say it repeatedly, people LISTEN i.e. “Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, leads to BELIEF, once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to HAPPEN!” (the great Claude Bristol in the Magic OF Believing, a must read! – and as the words fly off my fingers, it sure does happen for me eh? And it will for YOU too if you LET IT!…

(and if you stop being cheap , those of you that are, and there are many on this list that have been on it for years, and never bought a product, btw, if thats you, please do yourself and me a favor, and (pretty please with a Virgin cherry on top I will NOT BUST, hehe) unsubscribe. We’re not a good fit).

But anyway …

Last night, I had a dream, Madam Vandy showed up.

Y’all know all about HER, what a Goddess!

Pooja memsahib showed up too, that GRAVELLY VOICE croaking at me, the age and sexy, oh so SEXY – REAL, not feigned – annoyance and IRRITATION SHOWING! 

When real irritation shows, and it’s warranted, it’s both sexy – and HEARD!

Just ask Madam Dani. Hehe.

We were having a discussion about me getting irritated about her “tardiness” at replying to me – you know what I mean, I said it in the last email, but she said she was being an “ass” after I explained, and though she wasn’t, it was IRRITATING more than anything (but she was) – she said my explanation “made her feel like an ass”. Hehe.

Which she was being, yes…

Or I wouldn’t be irritated!

But Pooja, she was saying this –

“Karna hai to Kar. Jaldi!”

Do it if you want to, boy, and hurry yo ass about it!

or, “hurry”.


The “hurry yo ass” was Princess Joanie when she wanted money.

SEND IT FAST, BITCH! is basically what she used to tell me, she wouldn’t even send me her soles, she so made me BEG, she was so NICE!

I love her SO MUCH!



I so LOVE DOMINANTING, bitchy BRATTY WOMEN, I so WORSHIP the SHIT that comes out of them, they’re such ROYAL QUEENS AND GODDESSES!


I truly do stay hard writing all this!

Anyway, Ashley once told me the same thing – y’all that have read “11 Missed Femdom Opportunities” (and this is a great book to learn from, guys) (my own experiences, you can most certainly LEARN!) … when she took off her clothes, and went to bed with me, and I did of course nothing.

She was lying there, looking great, big boobs, legs spread … and I went limp.

I’m so nice too!

She put on her clothes finally (more in the book)(.

“Because you do nothing!”

And more detail – and more experiences with her in the book, truly, I did nothing, I’m a true SISSY AND CUCKOLD!

I just wanted to press Ma’am’s feet!

And I did that at night, and … ah, but thats in the book.

But anyway, in the dream, I was pressing Pooja’s shoulders, looking at her toes painted RED .. bright as always!

And her ROLLS of fat spilling out – so NICE!

I SO WANTED TO KISS that big stomach of Ma’am’s, the ROLLS OF FAT TOO!

Women are so nice, you know what I mean!

And before I explode, I’m gone.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the books above – dont dilly, don’t dally. Even Pooja Mam said it, BOY!

“Karna hai to kar, jaldi!”

If you want to buy, just cough up the cash, boy, – and BUY! Enough diddling around!

Or, as Pooja would say – GET LOST!


But she’s right, what a Queen and perfect MADAM she is, dont’ yo uthink so!!? 

PS #2 – I’m off to press Mam’s head and shoulders. Her forehead too, I so love SERVING HER like the bitch I AM!

So will YOU!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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