Indian Femdom

“Now touch my feet, and get my blessings!”

India in general is huge on feet, in case you haven’t noticed – and touching them.

People routinely prostrate themselves in front of Gods and Goddesses (especially the latter), till this date younger people “touch their elder’s feet” as a show of respect, and so does anyone either literally or figuratively to show “groveling” respect to someone else … and so forth.

I’m sure you guys reading this have heard about that!

Personally, I’m more the egalitarian sort – in life. Hehe.

Fetish wise, and bedroom, of course, we all know the story!

And while “Paye Lagu” was taught to me by the lovely Jyoti, even she didnt ever (once) utter the exact same words as a certain lady from Punjab – so natural, so naturally DOMINATING – with that lovely BIG stomach poking out, you know, I so love her imperfections “Madam, thank you for your imperfections and being proud of them, it makes you extra special!” is what I said, and it does – did today.

“Now touch my feet, and get my blessing!”

And the feet, well, there was a lovely long white “salwar” I think, and the feet, the toes perfectly, or almost perfectly pedicured, but clean, and the kind with no nailpolish or “nailpaint” as Indian ladies sometimes love to say! – and long … and the feet showing, and well, combined with all the dominating posts she’s been making as of late – it just felt so nice!

“Ma’am, you’re so perfect, PAYE LAGU! Madam …….. JI!” (the JI, of course being omni-important, absolutely, I still remember Garima Madam (JI!!) teaching me!) 

That came out as “jie” initially, interesting, in China “jie jie” = older sister. Hehe.

is what i HAD TO TELL HER!

I could not control myself.

But anyway – seeing Indian ladies do this, in a country which is traditionally not known for female rights – so nice!

Things are changing now, of course, but by and large, large sections of where this lady is from (the Northern part of the country) are EXTREMELY patriarchal, so its so nice to see that change.

India is a big country though.

And the Southern and North Eastern parts of the country are completely different, my friend, totally and completely different.

The North East in ALL, or most regards is truly like China – right down to females being in charge.

Which they are in India as well, it’s just – you gotta let ’em, and its done a bit differently!

Indian ladies, all the Goddesses in India, and this lady saying that – along with “post worshipping posts of me!” – she says it so nicely and OPENLY – MY!

I just had to say what I did.

“Madam, you’re truly perfection and a GODDESS ON EARTH!”

One of her posts promised she would respond to everyone.

I said even if she didnt, she’s so perfect!

And she is.

Anyway – another lady was asking about which movies I could (or everyone could) watch over and over again, never get tired of.

There are so many.

For some reason, a movie “Bloodsport” came to mind though, and it IS one of my favorite movies, I mentioned that.

Pure action, we’ll see how that goes over, I think WELL. Hehe.

The first movie I watched with Mistress Jyoti, or Priyanka – what have you – though was a typical Bollywood movie (I could barely understand it then, now, my Hindi is a lot better!!) … with lots of singing, dancing, crying, I didnt like it, but then again, I wasn’t focusing on the movie though!

I was focusing on … her FEET!

And either way, I’ll watch that sort of movie ALL my life if it leads to what it did with Jyoti, as for what did it lead to?

“One of the most HAUNTINGLY beautiful and romantic tales”, and more …

Serving an Indian Goddess, my friend, is simply a book you cannot miss – absolutely cannot.

Get it NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – I wonder what Madam would bless with. All I’d ask for is humiliation and domination, I suspect she will do it SO Well. It’s natural to Indian ladies as well, and I enjoyed every minute of the “loin quivering” books I wrote on Indian femdom. YOU guys will enjoy reading them too – and they’re in compilation format too, so hurry, and get you some NOW!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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