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“I am independent. I pay my own bills. I am NOT kept…I …”

I wish I could find the lady – the Indian Queen and Goddess who posted this on Twitter, so brazen, and completely non findom related.

“I am independent.

I pay my own bills.

I am NOT kept.

I do the keeping!

… (I forget the exact quote, but that was the gist)”

My hands are shaking while typing this.

But its not because of her ravishing, drop dead lovely photo – its her STATMENT – that caused a rush, and ROAR of blood to go to my sissy loins, the WAY she said it!

Another one recently asked the following –

“Would you leave your wife to be my bitch forever?”

Would I??!

Ma’am, sissy faggots like us EXIST for that purpose, we dont even marry!


And it’s true!

But anyway … the VIBE.

That first lady up, there … so INDEPENDENT, confident, DOMINEERING, and BRAZEN – and DOMINATING!

THAT was the vibe.

And I loved it!

Even if she didnt pay her own bills, she’d be entitled to that, wouldn’t she?

After all, she’s a woman!

Some one responded with “so what, we all pay our own bills”.

True, but …

Someone asked why she “was showing off” (a lady asked).

Well, maybe she was, but …

……………………. I dont know, when a woman like that responds with something “even my maid pays her own bills”, two things come to mind for me –

Poor maid.

And, good on the two women for doing that!

THAT is what I love about most findominas, not so much the feet and photos etc – I LOVE those, dont get me wrong, but them TALKING.

Their statements.

And the arrogant, dominating vibe that comes off them in SPADES, like smoke off a bonfire, it’s so HOT!!

I love it.

I wish I could find the Twitter of that lady again, maybe I will in the future!

And I’ll retweet Ma’am, and write something, she deserves it.

Thank you so much, Madam. You’re so NICE!

Paye Lagu!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 – This morning, I woke up with some brain fog, tired from a workout yesterday. Was supposed to hit it hard again, but while doing the laundry, I paused…

Something, I dont know … then I got on Twitter, thought about what to write – and then I saw HER!

GORGEOUS, thank you so much for that statement, Madam!

Just awesome, absolutely … and I FEEL that way too.

These dominating women are so nice!

And I dedicate all of Submissive Musings to THEM.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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