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Why I’m always “so polite!”

I’m a very polite guy – or gal, hehe – in general.

I really am, fetish or not.

Mutual respect is what its all about – pity most in the world today do NOT get this (hence, where we are today worldwise).

But one comment Princess Joanie for one kept making repeatedly stands out!

“I mean, you’re so polite!”

I was grovelin gin front of her, yes!

She took that as being “so polite!” (that in itself is why I love Chinese girls, they’re all so bratty and super entitled, so they SHOULD BE!).

She didnt say grovel.

That was when we met, as on the cover of Humiliation Central (the paperback!).

But polite … well, I kept saying. Please.

“Madam, May I … ”

“Madam, can I PLEASE … ”

“Madam, I beg your permission”

And the Madam word was ALWAYS there!

Joanie understood what Ma’am meant too from the get go – she didnt translate it into “wife” Hehe.

Smart lady!

And that stood out, especially in China where fetish or no fetish, social niceties do NOT occur.

In China, it acceptable not to tip waitresses, or stub your cigarettes out in plates of food, and leave it for them to clean, or simply say “do this!” like the other person is a serf, and not say please.

The Chinese, and some other Asian cultures claim “please” is superflous.

Me, I dont know – I beg to differ!

I think respect should be given – only then is it gotten.

And fetish – especially sissy wise, extreme respect, and extreme humiliation!

You cannot be topping from the bottom, my friend – key mistakes most people make – one I’ve told you NOT to in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” and the bestselling Sissy Central, and my daily emails and free tips which give you more than what most PAID courses do!

There is a reason I’m known as the “real McCoy of femdom“. Truly! 

And it’s so nice, begging her!

Even if she knows why.

IT’s all about her, the politer you are to HER, ultimately no matter what culture it is, the better for her!

As a friend of mine once famousl ysaid about tipping girls in China, which I kept dong (doing, hehe) though I Was told not to, not part of the culture etc, he was Chinese. (from Hong kong, of course, which explains the bit of Western influence, but still!)…

“You’re giving her money! Why would she not like it!”

So true, my friend.


And I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some bestselling books HERE.

PS #2 – REAL fetish lovers – not Bozo Schofield’s for one that are PESTS – will know how we’re some of the politest people around. Again, those that have actually DONE…!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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