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The strange (not) dilemma I’m facing with Nandini Ma’am.

We all know who Madam is!

The 19 year old queen that added me on Whatsapp, was supposed to give me a credit card, (get me one) – it was clear from the get go the only thing she was interested in doing was “seeing my pictures” – and teaching me how to say “Malk…!” So NICE! the way she taught me that, hehe – and of course, we’ve never talked business since.

When I attempted to once ask her about credit cards, she even said this.

“OK, then dont talk anything else with me!”

Madam had me hooked from the word GO.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, hehe. I love her dominance so!

But its a strange strange dilemma I’m facing as of late – that lovely MOM of hers!

Older, definitely FAT – you know my views on fat ladies that are DOMINATING, unconcerned about excess weight around the midsection, the ROLLS of fat and so forth – oh my!

But the main thing with her mom, the way her make up stands out – BRASH – ARROGANT – Confident – DOMINEERING!

The last being most important.

Yes, she’s out of shape and OLDER, but a middle agd lady, and even more dominating than Nandini Ma’am, and serving them BOTH together would be such an HONOR! 

THOSE EYES – staring straight at me! I so want to press Madam’s tired head, her shoulders … listen to her ORDER me – slap me for not doing it right – press her legs ALL night as she rests like a Queen, and Nandini Ma’am too, as she imperiously beckons me AWAY – oh MY! 

I did this with Madam Aa Ling, of course – some of the most EROTIC MEMORIES EVER!

I’ve spoken to Madam once. Hehe. A brief conversation. She’s still on my whats app.

I asked Nandini what if her mom knew about all we’ve been talking about.

And, I asked her before saying “Paye Lagu, Madam”.

Hehe. Id SO love to serve them both, but it’s her mom that’s driving me into a frenzy of LUST right now, older, middle aged, so DOMINATING!

Women are so NICE in general!

Thank you, Ma’am – and if YOU on this list have any idea how I should handle this mother daughter duo – let me know!

As I’ve written about, one of the most erotic things ever. Hehe.

INdeed, Choti Malkin, Badi Malkin!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI! I’d press your legs all day, as I told a certain lady today on Twitter!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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