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What Pooja Memsahib did that YOU should be doing!


This is going to be a short email but it will ring so true for a lot of people – especially FOOT FETISHISTS!

Remember how I keep saying that one of the most relaxing things (and also most subservient) to be done for a woman’s foot (or anyone’s, really) – is to rub the foot – STRAIGHT out of socks and shoes, or slippers, tired, hot, exhausted – WITHOUT washing them first!

Sure, you rub them later – but that first rub of the foot – right out of socks especially after a hard day in shoes, or even heels – is just magical!

And what a certain author wrote in the White Tiger –

You can never get the scent of a man’s feet off your hands!

I wrote about that here (the above quote isn’t verbatim in this one, but it’s TRUE!).

The aroma is just different, the FEEL of the sole is just different, my friend – both for receiver, and recipient, and it should be OBVIOUS why it’s equally submissive as her wiping her feet on your face maybe, or making you shine her shoes with your shirt, or polishing boots with HIS cum!

Straight out of shoes, dirty, sweaty, and so forth …

And I remember Pooja Maa’m, that lovely older lady I so love and worship – and wrote two books on, hehe – and more to come – and all TRUE – sitting there in the heat, sweating, one palm on her sole, one black dot on the sole – oh my!

Fleeting glance, but ENOUGH to make me weak, as the other foot dangled, that BARE brown calf I SO eulogize and love and WORSHIP

As if to remind me – boy – YOU should be here – NOW!

Maybe I will – again – soon!

But for now, yet again, a valuable, valuable lesson in femdom (or any sort of foot worship) – one neither YOU – nor her – nor him, hehe – will forget quickly.

It just FEELS different, and thats the point here!

Back soon.



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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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