Indian Femdom

The young dhobans SOLE is so RAW and dominant!

Y’all have heard about her before, read about her! That dirty young calloused sole, harsh voice, my!

Toes unpolished, feet uncared for, horribly dusty, all so NATURAL – and so big – and dominant! Shaped that way too.

That natural dominance is what it’s all about as you know. Roleplay is good but nothing beats real life, no pun intended.

Today, as it often does, it was pointed at an angle at it – the dirt under the BALLS of the feet very pronounced indeed!

I can imagine the effect it has on all footboys! Hehe.

Madam was complaining too, my! Prices, her cold, sniffles. She really needs a foot massage x.

Per daba! I can almost hear her yelling.

Sure wish I could have photographed it.

And that’s that x.

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Your life will NEVER be the same again after you read.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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