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Priyanka Ma’am, you’re so dominanting, DOMINANT! 😘

An open letter to a certain Priyanka Ma’am, or any other Ma’am who I come across.

Sometimes, it happens – while doing business it often does, women reply to me, usually from customer service.

And sometimes, their decisions are hard to comprehend, and NO reason is given. Hehe.

Which is great, they never ever need to, thats one cardinal affirmation, and a cardinal sin for YOU to ask, footboy!

Ladies NEVER need a reason for doing anything.

And while business is different, obviously this doesnt apply while doing business, and the lady in question suspended an account wrongly (though the account is loading fine, so Madam got it wrong. Hehe) … I wrote back to Madam anyway.

Along with the name priyanka which arouses such DEVOTION FUELED LUSTΒ  – important that fueled part! – that I almost dropped down while writing the email and said Madam .. JI!

Same thing for Vani Ma’am who responded to me in another email – they dont know I’m writing this, but I Do. And they’ll feel it. vibes!

And so they should …

Women are just so superior…

And Priyanka Ma’am, well, “Serving an Indian Goddess” says it all.

If you dont have this book as of now, you’re MISSING out – big time.

Rectify now!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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