Indian Femdom

Daniya Ma’am, her lovely sexy VOICE, her Enthusiasm, and that lovely INDIAN ENGLISH ACCENT!

I still remember being told at an early age “Indians speak English flat”.

Now what “flat” means only old timers will know, but basically the accent is different.

And much like with Chinese women, Indian women – and their English – those that can speak it at a decent level – SO ALLURING, AROUSING, and sexy!

If you want to know what I am referring to, listen to an Indian lady read the news, or maybe present sports as I saw one do yesterday – with one foot PROUDLY out in front of the men, that YELLOW nailpolish against her dusky skin – God(dess) what a TURN ON!

Madam … JI! was the reason I kept watching!

And she wasn’t in the least bit concerned about her way less than perfect physique which she covered up.


I’ve spoken about Daniya Ma’am yesterday, the potential narrator for Serving an Indian Goddess – as soon as I heard her voice, I KNEW she was the right fit for the job, imperfections and “all” as they say in India included!

“Yes, I am from India only!” 

Such cute English she’s got, and such a sexy Indian female accent!

There is a reason we chose “Indian” for the narrators preference for these books.

While anyone into true femdom will do justice to the vibe – the subcontinent with all its many complications, languages, subtle dominance – the maid employer scene which is only really there in the subcontinent to the (very brutal) extent I write about – and more – perhaps it’s so apt, and perhaps its’ true – that an INDIAN lady can do true justice to the topic!

She’s an Indian Muslim lady I believe – I initially felt maybe she was from the Middle East, Pakistan, but hell – it does NOT MATTER!


And I even said Paye Lagu to her right then and there – touched her feet in a PROFESSIONAL SETTING!

So it should be, the VIBE!

You’ll want to be on the outlook for this, and other books coming to Audible very shortly from yours truly.

For now, pick up the Indian Goddess series here – and the sequels here.

Truly one of the most hard hitting and best books – and most popular, and hauntingly romantic, they truly encapsulate, more than any other book I’ve written the sheer PASSION female led relationships can AROUSE in one!

So they should friend.

So they SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Radha Ma’am. I say it all day long anyway!

PS #2 – That “soft” manner in which Indian girls/ladies speak English, especially when they say “you know” …

YES MA’AM I SO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That understated confidence, that soft accent, that “flat” English … MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKES ME SO WEAK!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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