Indian Femdom

My oh, my! The indian Goddess I just saw decked out in RED walking pigeon footed!

A woman’s dominance can often be measured in yet another way – the way she places her FEET.

I still remember a friend of mine complaining about “my wife’s slippers clacking against her heels”.

I wish I could have told him how lucky he was~!

My S.O, even being the dominant, aggressive bitchy force of nature she is and should be complains about the mother in law doing it.

And thats one way, but the way the foot LANDS!

For some reason the “piegon footed” walk shows two thing – one, immense flexibility in the hips and groin, it shows strong legs – and HIPS – really, the largest muscles in our body other than the thighs – but while walking straight is good too, it also shows this – a fighter’s stance, dominant at that!

How many fighters have you seen standing with feet pointed straight AHEAD?

I didnt think so.

Legs spread, PREDATING, feet turned out to allow max movement and bring ALL The lower body muscles into it, and with these wonderfully dominant women why should it be any different?


As I was stepping out today for some work, I saw her!

GOD-DESS, it took all my control not to drop down there and make that FOOT, toes painted RED, that SLIPPER, decked so well with DIRT, the CENTER OF MY WORLD RIGHT THEN!

IF there was ever a good luck sign stepping it out it is this, I see it so often!

So will you once you start practicing the femdom affirmations I teach you …

MALKIN PAYE LAGU, or malik, as came to mind, my, even with tummy bulging (a slight paunch), all decked out in red from head to TOE, kid nearby – MY, she was GORGEOUS!

I HAD To check her out.

And she knew it.

Indian maid, decked out in red, so nicely contrasting with those broad hips, strong shoulders, light BROWN SKIN!

And the nailpolish, the demanor, the attitude, the FLAP, FLAP, her slippers made on the road as Madam walked CONFIDENTLY!

I almost came in my pants right there. I wish I could have kissed her foot in public to proclaim her dominance – though she knows it anyway – in public!

Something about these Indian maids arouse passion and LUST like never before in me.

One reason is this – Why I love being dominated by ladies of the night in China, and maids in India (INDIAN maids!) – Spicy and Erotic Fetish

The other – well, check out 25 Odes to Indian maids NOW.

And you’ll find out!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure to grab the bestselling “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“. Yes, it works for ladies anywhere!

PS #2 – Malkin’s back, arms, shoulders. I wish I could WORSHIP IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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