Indian Femdom

THE BEST PRESENT AFTER HER FOOT MASSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My SO is currently doing what I recommend for all woman, legs spread wide, fat legs, SOLES visible – just like a man would – sleeping – belching – farting – all of it!

I’ve been so open about this – why should women have to hide all of that when men dont – not fair?


I dont think so!

MY, those soles drive me further into a state of worship, and as I was pressing them I was remember what she once did to me – after a LONG massage, it was “take my shorts off bitch!” – said in a tone that brooked NO argument – then a LOT about ass worship (I still remember my tongue in that PUNGENT ASSHOLE – OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) …

Then, lots of eating her out, my balls were well and truly BLUE by then.

I was so horny, yet, I controlled myself from cuming somehow – it hurt, literally, under my balls!

That vein, you know what I mean!

And then I just said it on the fly, my voice hoarse, shaking, “Ma’am, please kick me in the balls!”

I didnt expect her to say yes.

“OK I will”, she said in her Indian English accent, so sexy sometimes! – and then …

Bend over!

Scarcely able to hold my load in, I got on all fours like a dog, balls hanging, full, hurting, “Ma’am, not too hard” I said timidly.

and the first kick was more a touch.

The second sent PAIN revebrating through my body – I was so horny I didnt care though – and I was STILL HARD!

After these two balls kicks I had my nipples pinched even more and though she didnt take me from the back as I so wished she would – my!

I still remember that present, the best you can ever get!

My wife is not an expert on ballbusting, nor does she care to be one.

But a lot of US want to be on the giving – and receiving end.

And I bring you BALLBUSTING 101! – the best damn and ONLY course of it’s kind out there in that regard.

Get it NOW, my friend!


Mike Watson

PS – If you’ve ever had your balls paddled, kicked, or even flicked during an orgasm or sissy release, you KNOW What the true combo of pain and pleasure means – MY!

And if you’ve had those lemons SQUEEZED. My, so much to say, so many ways to do it!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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