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I KNEW there was a reason for seeing Madams green nailpolish!

Today is a festive day in india, the eighth day of a major festival, lots of people are all decked out. Been seeing women with prettily adorned feet all-day, not that I don’t see that anyway, but post shower, pre smoke – i knew there was a reason for it!

For not stepping out right NOW for a smoke.

For the movie I’m watching “Tum Mile”. Been wanting to re-watch that a while, today turned out to be the DAY!

And an Indian maids lovely big feet with bright GREEN nailpolish on the way back, Madam all decked out!

Green the color of cucks.and, Irish beer. Hehe.

Princess Sophia loved it too.

Perhaps the real reason that was shown to me, the sheer privelege this morning?

I couldn’t figure it out for hours, wanted to write as soon as I saw her feet, but… something stopped me. Nothing to say, yet so much to say!

And now, fingers flying on dumbphone, looking at one of my favorite Bollywood actors Emraan Hashmi in the movie above fidget, act akwardly, be in LOVE like a 13 year old with a crush – and so forth – I got it!

Emraabs normally quite the womanizer. But, he’s an even better actor!.

Lots of his movies, it could be me in them… Including one set in Hong Kong

As I remember Carol, you might think it’s about her. No. It’s not.

It’s about Madam Jyoti!!!!

Years ago, i couldn’t even, at the age of 19 muster up the courage to talk to her, let alone walk with her or watch movies as depicted on Serving an Indian Goddess. 

At least Emraan got halfway through the call in the movie.

Me,a gibberring mess writing an email to Ma’am that years later still makes me cringe!

My, those feet, that attitude – smile – flirt – truly an Indian Goddess for the ages bar none.

That red nailpolish, those flip flops I still hold dear to me, still have, more than 22 years later, i still remember the first walk with her, the first movie…

Truly, you never forget your first love and – I’m not 100% on this but… I believe she wore green nailpolish occasionally too. My!

I still remember a certain Rita saying “Jyoti, meaning inspiration”, light…

And she had the sort of effect on me NO other woman had had until then …

Read all about her here.

And that’s that!



PS – Bonus to make cucks cum instantly! So erotic, the devotion to Ma’am!

I can already feel my own hard on building. So it should. Hehe.

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