Indian Femdom

Why Bhagwati Ma’am’s feet, soles, all – ultimately reign Supreme.

So it should be. And she knows it, which makes it better!

I can almost see, nay, FEEL the dazzling smile, the sly look, the sigh of contentment as she shows off her lovely big breasts while working, the back, eiles far ahead of ladies half her age, and double her status – or more in both regards, the coal black feet and skin, the Blue nailpolish, all of it! That foot , one foot splayed, PLANTED so dominantly, the feet pointed outwards strong hipoec walk – my, this is turning into ode number 31 for her, almost!

Last night while walking outdoors I saw an indian (older lady) with EXTRA large FEET. Nothing strange about that, my constant manifestation in that regard you might say.

You’d be right. Y’all know my results. Results you can get too ..

But there was something – SOMETHING about those feet!

Extra big.

Red nailpolish. On the surface nothing special, but still, it nagged away at me.

Now, it’s hit me. Like her sole would. Hehe.

In bed, at night, there’s so many women i could think about, not the least of whom being the lovely Carol. You guys know how I’d wake up in the middle of the night, start massaging her feet, how she’d shyly ask me to come back to her…

… But every night, with all the ladies, no disrespect to any – it’s Bhagwati I pay obeisance to over all.

The lovely older Indian maid that took me for a loop, still has, always will.

Ultimately it’s serving HER I think about. Always.

Her feet, her soles, her attitude,bher words, her boobs,bher lovely slightly protruding tummy, her shit, her asshole, she is truly “Durga reborn” right down to the name.

And so it should be,.my friend. So it should be, and IS. Rightfully so!

Pick up the odes to her right here.

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

PS – That lovely front of the shin, front of the broad FOOT, I never knew how erotic either was till Bhagwati in her blue Sari SLYLY displayed once. So nice!

A movie recently saw about a femme fatale in India and two pyschology students analysing her and her crimes with a police inspector (female), well, the inspector makes one sage comment about trying to understand women.

With their wiles, their looks, their bodies, their attitudes, they do what is required to entrap and ensnare men and get what they want, what they believe they deserve!

And you’re trying to analyse the mind of a woman here, an especially smart one!

So true Madam….

She might as well have been describing Bhagwati Devi – truly a Devi ie calculating Goddess – to a T, man, she’s so DIVINE! I never knew the TRUE meaning of the word, and i did know it – even then – hehe – before her! True femdom lovers will get what I’m saying…


I always knew how erotic the ankles are!

Anklets as I have written about before!

But the side of the dirty foot, the black skinned ankle, Bhagwati takes things yo another level, cracked heels, MY!

Maybe Profound Poses – Volume Three is on the way!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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