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Jaspreet Ma’am..😘

Jaspreet ma’am, your hands are so small, so well manicured. And the way Madam wants servants, calls people at work “Tu”. My, another very naturally dominant Indian Goddess! Xo


Seems so apt to be writing this on this site after the last post here.

Yes, I saw her that day !

Yes, non fetish related.

Yes, she pretended like she didn’t notice me. Hehe. But she did!

Yes, I’ve been thinking of the Beggarwoman too.

And I’ve been seeing blue nailpolish in all shades, hues and colors around me!

Looking at Jaspreet ma’am today helping me, those small hands so well manicured – my!

She was discussing hiring servants for her home in India, the way she spoke dismissively of them again – oh my!

Another true Indian Goddess at heart like mentioned here

And the way she calls everyone “Tu” regardless of age etc – cherry on top! I almost busted mine. Haha.

Those lovely hands – French manicure – would work nigh wonders on nipples. Naturally! Xo

And that’s truly that!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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