Indian Femdom

The younger dhoban, and the “bheege billi”…

The latter? This lady… Well, I don’t know if that’s the right post!

But you on the list know.

Bheege billi – in Hindi – drowned cat. Hehe. Remember that Indian Goddess I once offered an umbrella to in pouring rain – the one I keep seeing?

I bet!

The same lady, supposedly a lower social scale than me, everyone looked at me strangely for offering her an umbrella ..

Always smiling at me, the feet so broad in either jootis or flat sandals. My!

I saw her today. IRRITATED, tired expression on her face in a crowded auto rickshaw in India I know she didn’t want to take.

It was only yesterday that she came to mind. In my mind I was offering her a ride – not taking any money from her obviously.

Yes, my Chinese Jie jie (elder sister) was probably right when she said “I’m so kind to massage a girls feet who I’ve paid to massage mine”.

How can I explain.


On second or first thoughts, if you’re truly into femdom, no need to explain.

“Sir, ap mere per kyo dabayoge”?

Sir, why would you press my feet?

No why, Madam! Just how it is. I’d so love to do it for her today, daily, everyday…

“Kyoki tum thaki ho”.

Because you’re so tired.

“Aap bhi to ho!”

So are you though, she’s saying in a matter of fact tone.

It’s so cute begging her to press her feet, all I need to drive my own tiredness away. Xo.

Press her feet “Puri rat” all night as she sleeps, relaxed, me at her soles, seeing nothing else except a sliver of ankle… And the bottom of this Queens foot!

“Puri rat dabana,”, I can hear her giggle as she gets comfortable with it.

So nice getting her into it as I had to the once reluctant dominant female force of Nature, truly the Boss lady of them all, Bhagwati Devi …ji!

Walking outside for a smoke, the younger dhoban in her dirty jootis was sitting there. On her phone ostensibly.

The feet in them equally dirty, uncared for, but the unspoken giggle on her face as I passed by said it all! Hehe.

All throughout my smoke, all I could think about?

Cleaning her soles…

Life is so good, Ma’am.

Thank you so much, and paye lagu again.

You make it all so worth it!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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