Indian Femdom

Richa Ma’am, you’re such a Queen and perfect Goddess!

Aren’t they all. Hehe. This lady I’ve been noticing on X as of late – gorgeously decked out in Indian attire all the time – what a Queen – and I haven’t even seen her feet as yet.

Just one glimpse of bare sexy upper arms – my!

Most of all those eyes. Beautiful, pretty expressive – the makeup truly enhancing the natural dominance within. From one to another. I can feel it!

Madam, should I open the door for you? Be your driver? Press your feet if you’re indeed forced to “drive” which I suspect this Goddess doesn’t like to do – she’s the sort that sits in the back seat arrogantly and puts her heels up near the drivers face. My!

Small feet, I believe, poking out from the under the sari – I haven’t seen them. But I suspect I’m right!!

The eyes, my friend, I’ve said so often give away the VIBE which is all important.

And makeup, well, Indian women seem to do it the best in that regard. “Kajal”, kohl, eyeliner, those BIG Indian eyes. My!

And that’s that.

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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