Indian Femdom

Indian maid sitting in the park – her soles CAKED with dust and GRIME!

Picture this, footboy.

You go out in the park – to the park for a workout, or walk, or just to get fresh air, or a combo therein.

You do a lot of pull-ups – pushups and whatever exercise you learnt from the Miss V owned fitness business that yours truly STUD adminsters for, and does the WORK FOR HER TOO!

And then, cuck, you’re thinking.

About your sorry little life, how to attract females into your life, wishing you could get some, and so forth, and all the while saying to yourself, but “all they want is money” and it never happens.

Then you see a pair of feet.


Female soles!

They could be your maid’s soles!

They’re so CAKED with dust you’d be forgiven for thinking not only were they never ever washed, but Madam has walked miles in them barefoot in the grime and DUST of India. Literally. You could make a cake of dust from those crossed soles, staring imperiously at you – she KNOWS no-one is around. (and if someone is staring like the Bozos often do, she knows THAT too, BOY!)

I mean CAKED – with DUST – and GRIME – caked, boy!

Yes, you fat expat in India.

You fat WHITE expat!

That hires “cheap Indian labor”, and makes them do everything from hold the toilet door open for you when you piss to damn near clean your dick off, give you blowjobs, and so forth.

Make your meals.

Cook your food.

Shine your shoes.

Everything, cuck!

You – the priveleged expat, or the priveleged INDIAN – hiring these women as lowly maids, and not even permitting them to SIT on the chairs they so assidiously dust, not allowing them to EAT in the same utensils, and never paying them on time.

They sit outside in the park when they known no-one is watching, and the things they say about YOU, cuck!

They KNOW what you want.

What you really want is to sneak into their rooms in the middle of the night NOT for the blowjob.

You want to press their dirty feet, wash them – paint their toes – press their legs – and be RACIALLY humiliated them, like YOU DO in real life, boy!

You want to eat their SHIT – sometimes quite literally!

You want to rub those DARK legs, whitey boy!

You, boy, want to hear THIS more than anything else – what you and your wives tell THEM …

“Chal! Saf kar!” 

Hurry up and clean, woman, I dont have all day! 

But you can’t.

So you pay them for blowjobs they hate.

Deep down, that doesn’t satisfy you.

We know it, CUCK.

And remember, this is precisely how the story of Garima Madam’s bitch (her cuck) unfolds, boy.

A so called superior white male and his “employee” – who was anything but!

“You ruled us for years, boy! Now, the tables will turn!” 

and how they did, with the expat being taken on a cuck journey for his life by this dominant INdian female (there are few like her) and experiencing things most jacking off at the keyboard NEVER will.

Neither will sending messages late at night to women saying “Madam can I be your servant, carry your shopping, massage feet, good?” work, cuckie boy.


We KNOW your deepest desires!

And racial humiliation was a huge overtone in not just the book above – but Serving an INdian Goddess too.

Why just “brown on white” though.

In “Serving Ann“, you see CHINESE on white, which a lot of you cucks love.

And of course, the ultimate fantasy a lot of you woudl never admit.

WHITE on colored and everything else, boy!

So it was with Madam Angela and her handsome cuck boy

You, cuck, will never get these experiences in real life unless you learn to ATTRACT – first.

Put in the work first, and no, “paying for dinner” doesn’t cut it, and doing her shopping doesnt either.

The key is quite something else, boy, something most cheap asses don’t want to learn.

So if you’re one of those – grab the books above – it’s as close to the real deal as you’ll ever get.

Just don’t spill your seed on the keyboard,hehe. Thats happened too in the past!

Jizz bubbles from the computer, hehe.

New one, eh cuckie.

Get to it – now – BOY!



PS – And if you’re one of the select few, the CHOSEN ones who WANT to learn how to attract all this – then go – and PICK UP the course (not just click) right HERE.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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