Indian Femdom

“Biwi pati ki le rahi hai”

I’ll always remember the first time I asked my “wife” – or significant other, I should say, to “finger me”.

She wasn’t that open to the idea immediately, and was somewhat surprised.

But she did it anyway, and although I tried teaching her how to do it – she wasn’t that into it.

You can “feel” these things!

If the person doing it really enjoys it, you’ll feel it.

This woman is so lovely and lazy – she just likes to spread her legs and be LICKED all day – and ass worship too that same way. Hehe. She likes the dishes done, her legs rubbed when she wants, her feet washed, food cooked, and so forth.

“Giving” sexual pleasure, well, she’s done it, but its always been the last on her bucket list of priorities.


Perhaps that is one reason she never graduated (really) to “wife” …

But thats a different tale, wives, fetishes, hidden fetishes we ALL have, and so forth (lets face it, we all have those hidden desires that will never go away).

I guess in some cases, especially if youre a mind “Yoda” like I am, you could make them go away, but why would you want to, so much FUN!

(at least for those of that are halfway intelligent).

Anyway ………..

It was rough, that finger.

Almost like a friend’s girlfriend once told him “I ain’t doing that! You try putting a broom up your ass first!”

Many guys do. Hehe. Like the guy I recently wrote about (Glyn in the UK) who put the non business end of a toilet plunger up his ass, and then paraded it all over Twitter. Ugh. Hehe.

That was when he was asking for anal.

My SO has asked for anal, but I haven’t done it because I dont want to hurt Madam -and of course, sissies? We dont get sex, I just lick her!

And while I do, I kiss her unwashed body, her smelly armpits, her FAT stomach, the ROLLS of fat … and the fat legs.

All of it. Hehe.

And I thank her for it, and talk about penis!

“Ma’am, I know you think I’m gay!”

“han”, she replies. (yes) “You just like boy’s penis!” 




(she is from the subcontinent, so she speaks that language)

Anyway …

It was rough, when she did it.

I didnt really feel much, no pain of course, my sissy hole is used to much larger (if you want to read about a real painful initiation into sissydom, Sequel #2 to Serving an Indian Goddess will do it!) … but not much pleasure either.

In fact I distinctly remember finishing myself off.

Through the ass. Hehe.

Guys, and girls, you do not just “shove a finger in!”

Much like when you finger women, you dont just force a finger in!

That not only does not feel good, it’s pointless, and you could even hurt the person without meaning to – same thing, as I explain in the book on Sissygasms, “Sissygasm Central” – you should NOT do it that way.

A Dong is different, the skin on the dong is soft, smooth, elastic, iron wrapped in velvet as it were…

But fingers are different, and you need to make sure to trim your nails too, my friend, or you risk nasty injuries back there.

Remember, it was intended to be a ONE way street – not two way.

You CAN turn it into the most pleasurable two way street ever, of course, but only if you KNOW HOW!

And there’s a whole art to sissygasms, my friend, the do’s, the donts, the in betweens and so forth …

Get the premier course on it NOW to learn about it all.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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