The spirit in which “Serving an INdian Goddess” was written …

The spirit in which “Serving an INdian Goddess” was…

If I could sum it up in ONE word – or two – “Ma’am, PLEASE!!!!!”

That beseeching tone to it , that OUT OF CONTROL TONE TO IT – as you look at her resting, relaxing, being lazy, an utter “bitch” as an ex girlfriend once told me – and those SOLES on full display!

As I saw my wife today resting on her stomach, that profound POSE, the SOLE so clearly visible, I so wanted to do what I was, oddly enough, told NOT TO DO.


That being, to massage her legs and feet!

Of course, with SO much foot massage – I guess sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing – for Madam that is! For me, never, I’d have gladly dropped down there and then.

But the spirit in which I wrote Serving an Indian Goddess?

Well, my wife exemplifies it – and I kinda “met” her – or knew this – AFTER I wrote the book.


Talk about being a visionary, albeit not just a femdom visionary, all those tales I wrote about “Meeting Ms Chen” – and then meeting them years later in real life – and Serving an Indian Goddess with all the ass and “toilet” worship – and with my wife these days waking up in the morning, and lazily letting loose LOUD farts – as loud as loud can be – before she turns over and I INHALE those farts, licking that lovely ROSEBUD so she can go – man!

Or, Goddeess!

What a rush!

And if I were to define the spirit in which the books were written – well, serving women with all the negative attributes that are OK for men to have – belching – farting – living like a complete pig, not doing any housework – doing NOTHING productive except gaping at soap operas or football or what not on the mobile phone – all of this -my wife – female as of now, but she feels more and more like a man daily, and I feel SO LUCKY! – exemplifies this to a T.

And she does it so well, so NATURALLY!

My wife is truly the grade A “bitch” so many men want. Hehe.

Except, she dont come cheap!

In fact, even if she dominates you – it will NOT be for free. Hehe. That much is for sure!

I wrote more on that HERE –  – and if you’re interested, well, send in your application!

And thats the lovely spirit the books were all written in, perhaps THAT is why people love my books so much – especially those into real, true and LASTING – real world – FEMDOM!

Or, any sort of domination really – for it to be real you have to FEEL It – DO IT – LIVE IT!

And yours truly is called “the real Mccoy of Femdom” for a reason! Hehe.

OK, enough on that.

Get the book on odes to my wife NOW to learn a bit more about her, her dominating tendencies, and the way she makes men utterly GROVEL in front of her.

And then, pick up some femdom books here!

The perfect start to the weekend.

Ahoy, as they say!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!