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Ma Ji Ke Charan, part Two!

My New Year just keeps getting better and better!

And this could well be “Ma Ji, Paye Lagu – part two”!

Or, Auntie Ji ke charan part two!

Out there in the park, I was the only one working out.

And, as I took off my shirt, something I used to do before in China, something I’ve been doing NOW in the sun – that winter sun sure feels good! – I saw an elderly couple sleeping/relaxing in the sun.

Lady was on her side, SOLES so visible!

The man was there not sleeping, but sitting there, his large belly and soles visible too.

I’ve seen them a lot of times before, but the lady – oh my!

She is almost 60, if not more.

And all through my workout, the soles stared me in the face – ONE at a time – the toes spoke to me – trust me, she has long feet, longer than my face and she shifted positions so many times during my workout it took all my self control, especially when that old calf was displayed – to just “drop” all I was doing – pun! – and rush to her, press her toes, pull the toes, massage her soles, kiss the balls of her feet repeatedly and in general be as subservient to her and the other maids around her. Really, what a Queen, Ma Ji, Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

I mean, those SOLES! That one long sole, keeping on changing position, the balls were speaking to me, calling me, I so wish I could have LISTENED! Ma’am, I’m SO SORRY!

She felt it, I’m sure – as I finished up, I saw her looking at my back with a smile, a hint of a giggle on the old lady’s face. They’re so nice, they deserve to be worshipped as well, even more!

Ma’am, you’re too nice, I wish you would have slapped me right there and then!

Reminds me of the utter devotion I had for Madam Aa Ling’s mom … 60 plus, I still remember that cruddy ass, today, as this lady slept, I so wanted to give her an ass massage too, and lick her rosebud as she relaxed and enjoyed a younger sexy man doing what SHE wanted, what shes likely never felt!

It was the best, my new year keeps getting better. – and why do I mention this here?

Well, to tell you that I attract femdom like this – soles like this – all I want – on auto pilot.

I dont go out there looking for women or ladies. It just happens – every single time like clockwork!

And if YOU on this list want some of what I get so much of daily, well, I’m more than wiling to share my copious – pun intended, blessings – but you have to prove yourself worthy my friend, there’s no two ways about that or around that.

I did – so do you!

It’s interesting, while working out another guy commented I was “the perfect guy”.

And I said no, I ain’t perfect. Admittedly I do some very tough workouts – but practice makes perfect – and thats the case with femdom too.

Simply reading wont do the trick.

You have to get the manuals – specifically and to begin with, A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China – and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a flame on AUTO PILOT NOW – and learn from them, and IMPLEMENT what you learn, and THEN my other manuals and books, all of which teach you a different lesson, but aimed at the same goal – manifesting nothing but effortless femdom into your life – effortlessly.

And second, well – as I said this morning?


My arms, body etc is in great shape, but I could SO see my tiny little titties hanging out as I worked out – with those extra sensitive nipples! MUAH!

And if Madam had pinched them right there, I’d be hers.

Not that I’m not hers anyway, and she knows it!

Old, scraggly haired, hardly what anyone, even those with granny fetishes would consider attractive. But that sole, that one sole shot – it did it, so it should!

She’s a woman.

Therefore, she deserves it, she’s superior, that simple my friend.

I can just imagine her saying what my tutor did all those years ago ..

Ajkal koi seva nahi karta, he was saying while the servant more than double his age squatted in front of him, pressing his feet like HE said!


(no-one serves well these days. he was saying).

With this lady, I’d so want her to drink whiskey and relax with her foot in front of me, so I could keep serving her, like a real servant would in India …

Thats what this is all about.

A passion that will never go away, I can almost feel madam smack the BACK of my head!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

Thank you – SO MUCH!



Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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