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Why I truly LOVE “Gaylord” Ice-cream

Well, my friend, if you know Mike Watson – and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Penis Central, and everything else we’re put out (pun) – unlike any other – well, you dont need me to tell you why he loved Gay lord ice cream.


DO read this before you proceed.

Back in the day though, growing up as I did in mainland India – – Gay Lord ice cream was an actual brand.

It probably is even today, though I’ve got no clue if it actually is, but I remember my English teacher telling me once when I dozed off – or gazed off into space.

“Mike, what you looking at! Ice cream Wallah?”

(wallah – colloquial in Hindi for “guy”)

Not so much the “gays” that Chinese confuse the word “guy” for. HEhe. I love plays on words!

And lips on cock, and words on play, and well, where was I, what does have to do with fetish, unlike the sizzling hot email I just sent out

well, just this …

Thats just another recollection from me back in the day.

But if you’ve read the link above – well, you know what I mean by smokin fuckin HOT, like red hot ..

And that, friend encapsulates “Indian Femdom Recollections” nigh perfectly.

If you’re into RED hot, smoking hot femdom that make you CUm in your pants just reading, well get it NOW.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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