Indian Femdom

Indian maids in BARE feet or socks?

Even in cold weather, I see these lovely dominantly bitchy socially downtrodden to an extreme ladies walk around barefooted on the roads!

While cleaning, toes gleaming as they mop, sweep…submissive you might say?


To me they scream REAL dominance! X

Gotta be in both ends of the spectrum to truly appreciate the other and these lovely ladies, boy, do they fit that bill!

I’ve often wondered and did today how they can walk barefoot without a concern, those strong lovely dirty soles on India’s very treacherous and even dirtier roads…. Habit?

Healthy one I must say as I observed a young maid walking outside barefoot – red toes gleaming-away…

In the dank, cold weather these toes, these ladies – provide so much inspiration as their feet slap past!

Not that the socks are any less alluring. Taking Bhagwatis off , often wet, my, the smell!

And of course,fans of Serving an Indian goddess know what Priyanka made me experience with her sweaty tennis socks!

Truly inventive!

And though she wasn’t a maid,this could be yet another ode to these lovely Queens.

Paye lagu, Madam…ji!

You’re so nice!

And of course, I prefer bare feet. Hehe. Seems they do too. Perfect match! X



PS – Immerse yourself in REAL Indian femdom here.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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