Indian Femdom

Massaging her SOCKED feet…

The way the older dhobans socked, small yet BROAD foot flexes up and down while dangling, the DIRT on the white soles so showing! I’m wearing white socks too. And i just saw a student on Twitter complaining about her studies, legs up, toes painted .. yes, WHITE!

All so prosaic, attractive, As the dhobans daughter worked, both of them irritated, annoyed, harsh voices, one young, one old – i almost dropped down and massaged her heavenly feet without even removing the socks!

I can FEEL Madam kicking me away in ANNOYANCE…

So – just – NICE!!!!!

Normally I’d always take the socks off. That FIRST rub of the foot with bare hands always feels awesome, I’ve said it before!

But sometimes, it’s good to keer socks on.

For quick massages when Madam is in a hurry, maybe if she’s outside and it’s cold as it is here and so forth.

The dirt on those socks, the SMELL – along with the dynamics of foot worship in general adds an entirely new perspective to it!

Noone knew this better than Priyanka in Serving an Indian Goddess, if you’ve read Volume Two, you’ll know what I mean. A truly inventive and ingenious manner of foot and sock worship she taught me as you’ll see – read, but the words paint stcg a vivid sexy picture as it should be,l!

And actually – they ALL know it. Hehe.

Just so nice … X.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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