Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

Why it is such a pleasure, and honor to…

Or Madam Susan’s soles, or any soles, even male STUD soles!

His long soles intertwined with Garima Madam ji’s, I still remember that! He was such a stud, and I pressed her – and his – feet like THEIR bitch!

And I was.

I still remember his long black studly hose … his WEAPON!

And it was GORGEOUS – really. That mamba was a lovely kissable one indeed!

And I smooched it a lot.

OK, yours truly cock worshipper and faggot boy has started again on cocks, you say!

Sorry. Hehe.

Can’t help it. It part of me!

But really, feet and SOLES.

Talk to her soles, boy!

I can still hear TWO voice ringing out. One being the above, Madam Susan.

Get to know them better than your own FACE, boy!


And of course, Pooja Memsahib too.

Charan daba! Smack!

And as I pressed her feet with lotion, I’d see (and this is especially true the first day I met her, and the first week), Id see the cracks disappear.

The soles would talk to me.

The red soreness would DISAPPEAR.

The balls of the feet would smile at me – then GRIN!

And those long hours at night spent staring at them, and the base of her toes would speak out in turn to me!

Rub me, boy! I’m connected to Madam’s stomach!

Plop! If you get my drift, the next morning …

The liver! The brain!

And all night long, I’d press Pooja’s feet with abject admiration and devotion like I’ve NEVER felt towards anyone, male or female before!

Same thing when I massaged her feet with my ejaculate, except the effect was even more dramatic.

Hey. As Ms. Priyanka told Pooja In “Serving an Indian Goddess” and Mansi too. Madam Mansi!

“This thing gives life! So why shouldn’t it rejuvenate our soles!”

And rejuventate it does, and did, and how! And Masters shoes too!

And anyway, if you think all of that is a bit extreme, you aint seen NOTHING as yet.

Especially in terms of ASS worship, and ASSHOLE worship.

And that my friend, and extreme humiliation done only like INDIAN LADIES can, is the THEME (one of them) of Pooja Memsahib … JI! – Volume ONE which is out now, and ready for SALE!

Grab this now, my friend. Truly the most extreme ever, and I’m only getting started!


Mike Watson

PS – India is extreme in a lot of ways, so it makes sense that femdom is extreme there too! And thats why toilet servitude isn’t really a theme of any of my books except Serving an Indian Goddess.

But Pooja Memsahib puts even THAT to shade, and how!

Grab it now – – and find out! Truly EXTREME. And I’m just gettin STARTED!!A

Indian Femdom

Pooja Memsahib’s perfect ASSHOLE, and the WASTE that comes…


Unlike my cock, hehe. (nah, it’s actually not small…Cuck Central explains that more!)

But I’m hard at work on two new BOOKS.

Novels, for a change (as of late, I’ve been putting out far more courses and manuals – Princess Joanie was my last novel, but that seems to have changed with some inspiration I just got this morning).

Which of course stemmed from thinking about Pooja Memsahib intensely last night, and Princess Sophia’s special brand of humiliation.

“You can never touch me or have sex with me, boy!”

And is it any wonder that the books are dedicated to these two lovely ladies?

Be on the outlook for books on both of them – coming soon!

(in fact, one of them even has a blurb on Princess Joanie!)

And as for Pooja?

Well, this wouldn’t be complete without an excerpt from the BOOK, which is in turn REAL LIFE (how I actually did it!)

Here you go!

What an Amazonian Goddess, I remember thinking, as her floppy breasts flopped around and Madam strode confidently into the bathroom, those lovely SOLES rising with each step!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI! I said it anyway!

“Chup kar na!” , was the irritated response. She had to go, and quickly, judging by her gait!

(Shut up, can’t you!)

And I did.

I was going to say sorry, but I rushed inf ront of her, lowered the toilet seat down for her so her lovely self could SIT on it for an act she DESERVES To have worshipped, because she’s a true INDIAN Goddess!


And therefore, and as I said above in terms of worshipping WASTE … well, you read that part didn’t you?

If not, go and read it again.

And then let’s put Memsahib into the picture, and you’ll UNDERSTAND fully what abject humiliation, devotion, and love in a submissive, sissy, servile way is all about with Indian ladies (and ladies in general, really).

But we’ll “stick” (pun not intended) to Madam Pooja here!

Anyway, a lot of Indians, especially those NOT from the so called “upper classes” or those that aren’t rich choose to use the far more healthier SQUAT toilet.

Something Ms. Priyanka taught me a lot about!

She’d use a comfortable Western style throne. Indeed, it was padded for her too!

But I’d get the smelly servant’s toilet outside …

And squatting in that position either to take a dump or to worship her was something both Garima Madam and Ms. Priyanka did to me. Pooja Memsahib was no exception to that rule, and believe me, while that is a HARD position to get into for the most part for most “from the West” or used to Western ways of sitting etc, its also one of the HEALTHIEST ways out there.

She sat down.

And went instantly.

As I laid face down on the concrete floor, nose touching the ground, while Madams feet “played” on my back.

Sometimes she’d press down with her toes. Sometimes not. It was like I was a inanimate footmat, and nothing else, and truth be told, in ancient India, that is how kings and queens WENT!

With slaves in attendance to wash their asses … with their fingers!

Pooja Memsahib never made me do that, but it is a skill every person that has grown up in India has probably learnt (at least the older generation).

But anyway, the “western toilet” was a luxury in terms of Pooja’s thinking, so she used that now. Along with toilet paper!


I heard her turds hit the toilet bowl, the water …

And as she strained to get the last bits out, the stench was overpowering.


And as for the rest?

Well, I’m hard at work finishing the book, so you’ll have to wait for it. But don’t worry – it won’t take that long. Another two or three days perhaps! You know how it is when yours truly gets TRULY INTO …flow!

For now if abject servitude and UTTER DEBASEMENT AND HUMILIATION of the nature even slaves of yore probably never faced is your thang (and especially with Indian women), then pick up the Indian Goddess series right here – you’ll love it!

Garima Madam is another great compilation. No real toilet worship in that one, but she smacks them balls so well, as “Praveen” found out!

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the course on attracting female dominance to YOU in all its shapes, forms and guises right HERE.

Indian Femdom

Pooja Memsahib … JI! (and her kick up my…

Big big news on TWO fronts!

One, I spent a lot of yesterday working on an ODE – or 25 of them, actually a Madam, a Goddess, so much so that her feet and soles should be indeed ENSHRINED (much like Mistress Sadie, another domina of yore did in her Yahoo! Groups back when they had ‘em (and which yours truly WROTE about, hehe)) in order fo rall worshippers to WORSHIP.

Move over Durga, Kali, and any of the Goddesses that are revered and admired in that part of the world!

Pooja Memsahib is the one to worship – those LEGS, cavles and SOLES especially!

“Zor se!”


I can almost hear it, and in case you think these tales of servitude are made up – think – again.

Unfortunately or not, that is how domestic help is treated in the subcontinent even today, and
White Elephant”, the upcoming Bollywood movie with an equally gorgeous Ms. Priyanka will (or should, anyway) potray this pretty well.

Anyway, this ode was done yesterday.

Priced at $45.99 and instant digital download like all my other products!

But Pooja Memsahib gave me a virtual SMACK this morning as you can see on the sales page (basically, she ORDERED me to reduce the price – – for NOW!)

“I Want more people to know of your utter and CRAVEN SUBMISSION to ME – BOY!”

And when Pooja decrees, I better do it or else.

I didnt agree, but groveled and did it anyway.

And so – grab this NOW at th ereduced price while you can! It will NOT last forever, that I WILL tell you!

And why am I writing this to you?

Well, thats one reason.

Another reason is PAPERBACKS.

I’ve been noticing that a lot of you Watson faithful (that site which includes FREE membership to all digital downloads) have ALSO – – in ADDITION – – to the digital downloads been purchasing PHYSICAL books from elsewhere!

Which is fine and expected, of course.

True masterpieces should be gotten and treasured like the treasures they are, there at your SIDE – – librarry – or bathroom, as the case might be (or bedroom).

And it’s the same for Mike Watson’s PATHBREAKING books on femdom.

Now, earlier you’d order these from Amazon etc.

But being I might just stop selling there altogether, I am (effective soon) going to enable PAPERBACK purchase options on this site as well!

Digital download will still be available, but now you’ll have the choice to get paperbacks off THIS SITE!

Which to me is the icing on the cake, or the dirt under Pooja’s feet, whichever is more valuable to YOU. For me, it’s the latter, hehe.

(not really, but you get the point).

These books will be delivered off Amazon – – bascially they will say “author copies” at the bottom or somewhere, but that will be the only thing – – other than that, normal paperbacks as you’d expect.

And thats the big news – – for now.

I’m off to do Pooja’s bidding.

Oh wait. I did that already!

And now, Im off to undertake a HUGE task – – which is to change all the purchase options etc on the site, but I should be done in a few hours – check back!

And thats that for now.

Back SOON.

Best ,

Mike Watson’s

PS – Indian femdom books are available right HERE.

Indian Femdom

Gossip is the FUEL – or should be –…

And cock, of course!

But hey. I’ve written before about my S.O. (current S.O.) and a certain lady she ostensibly (and apparently) “works for”.

The dynamics of the relationship seem somewhat complex, and I haven’t really gotten into it. Sometimes perfect Madam Mona, who I wrote about before, who will NOT, I repeat, NOT let you sleep more than 3 hours a night (BOY!) is the boss.

Sometimes my fiery Madam is!

(My SO)

And she delivers quite a kick. Swollen balls, and then some!

And I love it, hehe.

But anyway …

(not to mention My SO literally whacks me so hard that my “white” (or fair) cheeks turn into purple BUTTER as I wrote about before, but that isn’t the point).

Point being this. They had a disagreement. They’ve been having it for ages.

Mona Madam seems to be on the wrong side of this big time (if we’re looking at this professionally).

And I’ll write about that on the other site!

But …

… “personally”?

She ended up getting into a disagreement with Madam.

And then went about “gossiping” about it to everyone esle on the planet.

Or, her Whatsapp group or something.

Unprofessional yes.

But I can feel it.

Madam is frustrated.

“You’re so RUDE, boy!”

(insert “girl”, except she couldn’t tell me SO that!)

“You better get me more business, BOY!”

And more.

And that explains why my SO got UPSET. Big time. And she’s been in a bad mood for the past week or so. Ugh (or YAY!). Hehe.

She’s such a Queen too!

But anyway, in this battle of the Queens, this here CUCKIE boy sits here quietly, ever writing, ever leaking, ever ready to release a new PRODUCT.

Which he will as soon as he gets done writing this email (or he’ll create it, and then release it).

And he loves the gossip!

Thats why I spoke so much to Princess Sophia, her of the “soulmater” and “you can never have sex with me, you idiot!” fame.

Thats why I speak to ALL These ladies! Madam Susan included …

So they can unload on me.

And whack me when the mood takes them, with NO reservations.

And I’d kiss their feet for it!

Paye Lagu, Mona Madam Ji – and all of you ladie ou tthere.

It’s truly ALL about you, and you having your cake, and eating it too.

(and you deserve it!)


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the Indian Goddess series! Do so now … BOY!

(Or “Mona Madam” might just be after YOU, hehe)

Indian Femdom

Chal moti! Kam kar!

I just got a KICK from my SO, a giggly one at that.

With that foot outstretced!

For those that have asked, no, The perfect Goddess in the pop up on the page is NOT my SO.

But my SO is equally gorgeous.

You know … women all are!! They’re all so nice, sexy, gorgeous and … dominant!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

And the pop will REMAIN, hehe. No matter what, bro!

Yes, I know you dont want to sign up, but you SHOULD. Hehe.

And anyway, as I was pressing her legs, she kicked me away.

“Chal moti! Ja Jakar Kam kar!”

which roughly translates into “Out, fattie! Go and do your WORK!”

Difference here, of course is the language.

“Mota” would mean she’s talking to a guy, no matter how sissified.

“Moti” is used for females.

Now, Miss V knows for one I’m NOT fat. So does My SO, hehe.

I have a fitness biz to run, and keep myself in top shape, and it keeps topping Miss Vs account up too, hehe.

And she deserves it – along with Sophia, the best neighbor ever (was it any surprise that Miss V was the next in line, after Sophia, hehe).

Those shoes. That shoe rack. I’ll never forget it.

I think I’ll try and find a picture sometime. I know I took it!

Anyway, point begets, and it is this.

Being called a female name. Being referred to as a girl – quite literally – takes sissy dom to a whole new level altogether!

And why do I write about this on this site?

Because Ms. Priyanka understood it the best!

Towards the end of the sequels to Serving an Indian Goddess – somethign happens that has NOT happened in any of my books.

Not, not even the Princess Krystal series!

Wanna find out what it is?

Well, pick up the books NOW …

And in the meantime.

Yes. I’m happy to be a Girl. I love it so much!


Mike Watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Madam ji! Kanta bai apki naukrani HAI!

PS #2 – I can still hear her . “tere ko ladki bana diya!” 

Tee hee! (it translates to “I made you a girl!”) 

So you did perfect Madam

So you … DID! I always WAS … 

Indian Femdom

Dekthi kya hai! Ankhen Noch Dungi!

Oh … boy!

Ill never forget the Pakistani lady I once saw (and the older lady in “Anmol”, a bollywood flick of YORE).

The first had two ladies she was humiliating.

One was pressing her feet assidiously.

“Jor Laga! Hathon me Dam nahin bacha kya?”

Do it harder, girl! Don’t you have STRENGTH in those hands?

Ahhh, she relaxed, crooning to herself as the poor girl tried harder!

Her feet were not pretty. She was OLD, fat and ugly … and she was such a Goddess, I’d empty my bank account for her right NOW!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

Another young girl came in.

“Dafa ho ja!” Madam aimed a KICK at girl #1, who left hurriedly.

And the other girl started to press Madam’s feet, and they started talking in a dominant – submissive manner.

“Tere ko nikalne dungi tab na!” laughed Madam in an imperious manner as the girl was talking about going to work in town to repay a debt she owed Madam.

(and thats why Madam enslaved her, so goes the story).

And when Madam denies the request … (what she said above was “yeah right! Dream on, bitch!”) … she looked at her angrily, and then it came.


How dare a slave even look Madam in the eyes!

“Ankhen noch ke boti ban dungi!”

(I’ll pinch your eyes out and us ethme as DiCE!)

She is so right, and I understand why in ancient Indian feudal houses and indeed palaces (the owners were treated like Kings and queens), the servants literally “walked backwards” with their eyes DOWN so as to avoid the following – looking Master or Mistress directly in the eye – and NOT showing them their back!

And Ms. Priyanka taught me this so well too!

She’d kick me often, and of course, the ass worship.

Indian girls are so deliciously dominant!

And of course, Master. Su and Jerome.

My eyes would always water down to his PACKAGE – and if you’re a true cuck or sissy you knwo what I mean.

That package, not HIM is what you need to get accquainted with, boy!

Her SOLES – ass – and feet – BOY!

And thats really it … boy! Paye Lagu, Madam Susan – you deserve a mention here too !


Mike Watson

PS – More such SCINTILLATING, TILTILATING tales of Indian femdom right HERE. They’ll leave you leaking, sissy!

Indian Femdom

Mein Gal ka Butter banana janti hun!

Instant hard time for yours truly sissified!

Ever seen that POSE … well, the one pose I’ve written about is when she is ready to KICK you away with the ball (or entire) foot!

Truly priceless, outstretched or outraised leg .. Madam Priyanka did this so often to me!

And often times completely unannounced, as I’d wash her feet over and over again, and she’d kick me irritably away.

“Bhag Yahan se! Ja jake Bartan Maz!”

Now, and again.

Yours truly’s Hindi is very rusty indeed!

But it means the following.

“Off with you, boy! Go do the dishes or something! Don’t bother me!”

That last phrase being the vibe.

And thats what so nice about femdom.

I’m not bothering her (i wasn’t).

I was SERVING her. Like she TOLD me to.

Ordered me to!

And yet, this treatment. No thank you, or nothing, and Paye Lagu, Madam!

I Dont deserve it! It’s all about YOU having your cake and eating too. THAT Look in the eye!

Anyway, pose #2 is when she’s ready to slap you, those fingernails painted either red or blue.

Post #3, of course, the raised forefinger.

“Listen, boy! And don’t argue!”

So confident, dehumanzing, humiliating, and … a clear sign of HER superority.

My current SO is from the Indian subcontinent.

And, this afternoon we were eating “rajma chawal” a dish apparently popular in that part of the sub continent.

Kidney beans and rice, and she cooked up a mean storm, and I remember asking her something or the other.


I think I asked if she knew how to “make butter out of an apple” or some inane thing I saw on some Youtube video she-deo (I hate most social media, as you guys on here can tell!) … I would have made a joke out of it too.


And my ears RANG!

I know this too, boy she said, raising her palm.

Those fingernails painted BLUE!

I know how to make BUTTER out of your cheeks!

And leave an imprint … BOY!

Which is what the title of this post translates into, if I’ve got it right.

She said it in Hindi. So I think I have!

And THAT, my friend is that.

Madam, please DO make butter out of my “gal”.

I deserve it, love it, and you’re so SUPERIOR And a GODDESS!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!


Mike Watson

PS – You might not believe it, but my S.O. knows Garima Madam very well, and also I believe Pooja Memsahib JI. Much like a lot of people don’t believe that the tales in my CHINESE FEMDOM series actually took place – they won’t believe this either.

But believe me, my friend. Being a sissified male has many advantages, as does being cucked and locked! 😉

(the above is just one, hehe).

Indian Femdom

The way Madam Vandana emphasized the “L” …

Mike Watson

Michael … with the L emphasized!

IS that my real name?

Well, readers of my list and site knows, or they should at least if you’ve been paying attention. Really, it is out there in full view!

And anyway, the way perfect Madam Vandana, my high school Physics teacher, her of the lovely perfect sized FEET, with toes ALWAYS painted red, and she wore those sandals which made her lovely white soles DIRTY!

She loved “tight salwars” (bascially the Indian version of tight pants) and they emphasized the foot so much more!

On the other site I’ve written about why I LOVE salwars … and there is a reason. Do a search, and yer shall find, hehe.

But anyway, I believe she KNEW in a way I liked her. And her feet.

And I think she did too, in a wierd way!

“R … ooops, I mean Michael ………..” I can still hear her say!

In THAT voice!

Not the “I know your a sissy”, confidence.

But the “we’re friends, how can you act silly” type of things girls do which is SO CUTE!

Sort of like when a police officer in HK causally touched me on the shoulder once during some disturbance in Hong Kong.

I think yours truly was trying to visit a HSBC branch or something.

Fitting eh. Money, boy!

And the young police officer came over, and touched me ont he shoulder in that friendly manner ladies just “have” when they’re comfortable with you.

This cannot be faked. Either it happens or it doesnt!

“Don’t go there” was all she said.

I smiled, thanked her, and walked away, and that was that!

I’ll recount another tale of another police officer soon, but for now?

That was that … and that WAY is why I find these girls so cute, and love to worship them!

Because deep down inside, every sissy knows what Princess Sophia said is RIGHT.

“I’m married, boy! So we can be soul mates, but nothing else!”

Yes, Madam.

IT makes it so worth it!!!


Mike Watson

PS – I LOVE being “best friends” and nothing else with women. Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

PS #2 – Pick up tales on Indain femdom HERE.

Indian Femdom

My S.O, My Perfect GODDESS … My Madam, My…

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

She just showed up in a “dupatta” and nothing else.

Now, before I tell you what happened, a dupatta is apparently from what I gather a cloth (or sash) of sorts these gorgeous Indian goddesses drape over themselves when wearing the SARI!

A garment that lends itself especially well to femdom for reasons I’ve already stated … boy!

Anyway, the drain overflowed while my SO was doing something at the sink.

And long story short – EWW!

It was a puddle of dirty water shortly thereafter, and of course, Goddess didnt want her perfect feet getting dirty, and clothes neither (although I gotta wash those tomororw anyway!).

And so, she took off her “salwar” right there.

She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I averted my eyes. CUCK style!

Anyway, long story short – she took a shower. And she arrived in another room where yours truly cucked was sitting … draped in nothing but a “dupatta” – – sort like a “qi pao”, that dress I love SO MUCH on chinese girls!

And those legs were visible, and those thick arms, and that ass!

That THICK ass!

The skin was (is) BROWN and before she went to shower, she tied her sweater around her waist in that style as well.

A white sweater.

Contrasting with that sexy BROWN skin!

And if there is anything I wish she’d have told me?

Press my SHOULDERS … boy!

And kicked me one in the BOLLOCKS – hard!

Paye Lagu, Goddess… JI!

As it was, I made the following comment.

“Madam Ji, you could get a role in Bollywood dressed like that!”

If you can call it dressed! More like skin show in a very sexy manner, especially for us cucks, sissies and faggots (before a real man takes her clothes off! ;)).

Her response?

“Shut up, boy! I’d get a role ANYWAY!”

And thats confidence speaking!

Paye Lagu, Madam ji! You’re so gorgeous!


Mike Watson

PS – Read ALL about gorgeous Indian ladies in the PREMIER tale of Indian femdom right here – Serving an Indian Goddess.

Indian Femdom

Why sari clad legs are so, so sexy –…

I’m watching a movie right now. It’s almost 1 AM in this here neck of the woods, but of course – working for oneself has its benefits!

It also means I’m always full of ideas.

And right now, more than anything else I wish for one thing.

That Pooja Memsahib JI was with me, lying comfortably on the sofa, one foot in my lap wagging away, and the other on my shoulders as it were a foot rest. Or wherever she chose…

… preferably as she smoked, drank, and IGNORED me, watching the very alpha male movie I’m watching!

That sari clad leg.

That orange sari, that blue sari hiked up to ankle, or mid calf. JUST THE RIGHT amount!

You get to see only the lower part of my body, boy!

That means the ankles. Feet. And soles of course, which you get to know better than YOURSELF, boy!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib – you’re right.

So was Susan Madam Ji!

But I’ve written often about the sari, and how it lends itself so expertly to femdom.

The back and shoulders are usually always visible, ready to be ‘pressed’ at a minute’s notice!!

The tummy – corpulent as it were is always visible.

WORSHIP those layers of fat, boy!

And when it comes to Pooja, I DO worship them.

Susan. Pooja. Any lady. It’s never about her body, boy!

HER MIND is what counts.

And that lovely foot wagging away, as I keep pressing it as she watches brings back memories of another girl.

A lady that enslaved me SO expertly from the word go.

A lady to whom my FIRST book on femdom was (is) dedicated.

That being, my Ms. Priyanka!

Perfect Ms. Priyanka!

It all started that night when we were watching a movie at her house, with her putting her lovely feet up on the table, and myself concentrating more on that than the movie!

Those pink slippers.

Those flip flops I’ll always hold dear to me.

She wasn’t big on saris.

But she was big on shorts, and those lovely legs I pressed after her dancing all night long, andcoming home to her sissy?

I’ll always remember those times!


Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

You’re a Goddess, and no less!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up ALL our tales of Indian femdom here. And in case you want a “one size fits all pass” (cucks, no, THAT is not what I mean, hehe) – then apply for Servitude Central right HERE.

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